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Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
4:43 am
Michigan and Smiley “A Who?” Sugar Daddy
4:40 am
Michigan and Smiley “Sugar Daddy” Sugar Daddy
4:28 am
Demal “Africando” Afro-Latin Party 2016
4:21 am
Tony Allen “The Same Blood” AfroBeat 2000
4:15 am
Betece “Africando” Afro-Latin Party 2005
4:11 am
Dom La Nena “Les Vieux” Contando 2016
4:09 am
Dom La Nena “Felicidade” Contando 2016
4:05 am
Dom La Nena “Gracias a la vida” Cantando 2016
4:03 am
Dom La Nena “Scenic World” Cantando 2016
3:51 am
Morgan Delt “The Age of the Birdman” Phase Zero Sub Pop 2016
3:47 am
Morgan Delt “Sun Powers” Phase Zero Sub Pop 2016
3:44 am
Gaunt “Turn to Ash” I Can See Your Mom From Here 1995
3:41 am
Wytches “A Dead Night Again” All Your Happy Life 2016
3:35 am
The Share Fire “Sunrise” The Share Fire 2015
3:33 am
Born Ruffians “this sentence will ruin/save your life” Born Ruffians 2006
3:29 am
the Mountain Goats “Cubs in Five” Nine Black Poppies Emporer Jones 1995
3:24 am
Tallest Man on Earth “Fields of our home” Dark Bird is Home
3:20 am
Tall Firs “don't complain” Tall Firs 2006
3:17 am
Holy Roman Empire “Egress” Egress
3:12 am
New York Dogs “Human Beings” Songs of the Naked City
3:08 am
Moon Hooch “that's what they say” Red Sky
3:03 am
The Mountain Goats “This Year” The Sunset Tree 4AD 2005
3:03 am
The Mountain Goats “High Hawk Season” All Eternals Deck


with Jordan S

Thursday, October 27, 2016   1:00–3:00am

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:58 am
Jay-Z “Hard Knock Life” Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life Roc-A-Fella Records
2:51 am
Nelson Waikiki “Kalakua” Nelson Waikiki: Ukulele Stylist Tradewinds
2:49 am
Elements of Life “Live The Way” Live The Way RCA
2:43 am
Carl Burnett “Distant Thoughts” Life Before Midi Blacksmith & Farmer 2003
2:39 am
The Fat Boys “Just Loungin'” On and On Tin Dan Apple 1989
2:35 am
The Prescriptions “Disassembled” Disassembled Spectra-Sonic
2:33 am
J Dilla “Can't Stand to See You Cry” Dilla Donuts
2:23 am
Larry Coryell “Yin” Introducing The Eleventh Hour Vanguard
2:22 am
S-Express “Theme from S-Express” Theme from S-Express Rhythm King 1988
2:14 am
Holiday “Candy” Cafe Reggio spinART 1997
2:10 am
Freeway “What We Do ft. Jay-z and Beanie Sigel” Philadelphia Freeway Roc-A-Fella
2:05 am
Kool Keith “Don't Crush It” Sex Style Funky Ass Records 1997
2:01 am
Danny Boy “Slip N' Slide” Slip N' Slide Death Row Records
1:51 am
Ectomorph “Chromed Out” Chromed Out Interdimensional Transmissions 2005
1:51 am
MIA “Paper Planes” Kala Interscope 2007
1:44 am
Hawaiin Islanders “My Little Grass Shack” Hawaiian Paradise Wyncote
1:40 am
La Chat “Whatever ft. D'Nero” Bad Influence Inevitable Entertainment 2006
1:28 am
Eddy Clearwater “Blues for Breakfast” The Cheif Rooster Blues Records 1994
1:19 am
Future Blondes “Synth 1” Feather 17 Blind Prophet Records 2012
1:16 am
Funkadelic “P.E. Squad/Doo” One Nation Under a Groove Priority Records
1:12 am
Jordy “It's Tough to be a Baby” It's Tough to be a Baby Columbia
1:09 am
Large Professor “Blaze rhymez” Blaze Rhymez Matador

Wish You Were There

with rotating host Jack Straw

Wednesday, October 26, 2016   11:00–1:00am

Show Notes:

Halloween special!!! Part 1

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
12:48 am
moe. “Han Shot First /> Hoth” Live at the Fillmore, Philadelphia, 10/31/2015
12:34 am
Phish “Houses in Motion” Live at the Omni, Atlanta, 10/31/1996
12:26 am
Phish “Once in a Lifetime” Live at the Omni, Atlanta, 10/31/1996
12:18 am
Phish “The Great Curve” Live at the Omni, Atlanta, 10/31/1996
12:11 am
Phish “Crosseyed and Painless” Live at the Omni, Atlanta, 10/31/1996
12:01 am
Phish “Born Under Punches (Heat Goes On)” Live at the Omni, Atlanta, 10/31/1996
11:53 pm
Widespread Panic “I Want You (She's So Heavy)” Live at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, 10/30/2006
11:46 pm
Widespread Panic “Radar Love” Live at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, 10/30/2006
11:22 pm
Umphrey's McGee “The Haunt > Jimmy Stewart > Padgett's Profile” Live at the Tabernacle, Atlanta, 10/29/2011
11:13 pm
Lotus “Halloween Theme > In the Bliss” Live at the Fillmore Denver, 10/31/2015

The Local Music Show

with rotating host Shelley

Wednesday, October 26, 2016   9:00–11:00pm

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:59 pm
Phil Ranelin “He The One We All Knew pt One” The Time Is Now! Tribe Records
10:59 pm
Hair Police “Constantly Terrified” Constantly Terrified TMU
10:58 pm
Viki “Merican Metal” Hair Police Split SNSE
10:56 pm
Strange Fruit Abiku “Water In The Head + Gothic Fingers” Sin Eaters Picnic
10:53 pm
Frank Pahl (local) “overture to enrique miasmo” The Romantic Side of Schizophrenia FOT Records
10:52 pm
I'm Sore “Getting Exciter” PDM Split Born Horse
10:51 pm
Drexciya “Dripping Into a Time Of No Future” Hydro Doorways TMU 2005