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Christine Barrera-Dulger

Hello!! I've been DJing at WCBN since Fall 2012. I graduated from UM in 2010 with a BA in anthropology and American culture when I realized there is no real career path for that degree! I spend my days working in an office, and taking care of my little lady who was born in 2014. She is currently in training to be a future WCBN disc jockey :)

It is so interesting to me that I cannot listen to slow ambient music since she has been born. So, it used to be that When I am DJing, I would play atmospheric sounding radio, but now, I have to play upbeat music because now my priority is providing myself with momentum!

In general, I start off by asking myself what it is I am in the mood for, and then I just build on that. I am always wondering if what I am playing is as pleasurable or interesting to the listeners. I LOVE feedback! I enjoy it when people tell me that I'm doing a good job. Feel free to do so! Also let me know if you can help me boost my career! ;)