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I’m a web applications developer at the University of Michigan and the former Development Director. I enjoyed the duality of meanings in that title — I managed fundraising, and created a number of apps for the station, both for the web and iPhone. You’re looking at one now.

My academic background is in Linguistics, with a minor in Japanese, but I love my job. I’m full-stack, and I have a design-driven product focus. My first priority is to make cool things that matter to the people who use them. I focus on the details because I know, as a user, you can tell when something was built by someone who cares. But also, I want to write beautiful, readable, flexible code to solve hard problems in an elegant way. Just for its own sake. It’s my art.

I enjoy cooking and improvising on the electric guitar. I prefer to write ruby in vim and JavaScript in Atom. I drive stick, but I don't drive much. I drink espresso, ice water before it gets cold, Japanese-style pourover coffee and Scotch-style Japanese whisky, and good Michigan beer.