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Uncle Jay

I began at WCBN during my Freshman year, and ultimately began DJing during the Winter of 2016! I’m a Junior at Michigan and also the General Manager of the station. People should expect to turn up the volume, and be blown away by the heavy bass when listening to my show, Whatcha gonna do with that beat?

I prefer to play hip hop, new and old! I'm always learning and the genre never ceases to amaze me. I work as the organizer and occasionally host of "The Roundtable", which is a bi-weekly show bringing together students and faculty for solution-based conversations on socio-political topics both on and off of campus. I also rotate on "What It Is". My earliest musical influences are definitely Motown and other R&B artists. That's obviously bled into my love for genius hip hop samples, the best from Kanye West and J-Dilla, for sure. I love all of our DJs foremost, because without them we wouldn't be as dope as we are!