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Michael G.

Former music director instituting Freeform in 1973. One of the founding members of Eclipse Jazz. When I say I listen to all kinds of music I mean it..just not pop...faves - Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Geri Allen, dub, LKJ, Sly & Robbie, Fela, Bjork, Jack Bruce, Bowie, Roxy Music, Lou Reed, Dial A Poem, Baraka & Ginsberg, Kerouac, Langston Hughes, Larry Young, true world and African, 20th-21st Century, electronic, modern creative jazz, Once Music pioneers, John Coltrane, Billy Harper, Max Roach, all pianists and drummers, great locals, King Crimson, Zappa, Beefheart, chamber and classical, early Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac, J. Tull, Rahsaan, Ornette, Mingus, Monk, Don Cherry 💝, Steve Lacy, the Bley's and some early punk too. Of course classic blues, boogie woogie and original R & B...Latin, Eddie Palmieri, Abdullah Ibrahim, bebop and more...be surprised😍...published writer and reviewer...Google me❗