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Roberto YOUR Masked Marauder

I'm excited to be involved with one of the premier radio stations in the United States. My interest in music is lifelong and varied.I began volunteering during 2016 fundraising campaign, began on the air fall semester 2016. Only been DJing a year, but in preparation for a lifetime. My dad was a music teacher, so we experienced classical, big band, comedy, show tunes, barbershop, jazz, etc. People should expect an eclectic mix of artists, genres, themes, remembrances, salutes, homages, and more. I like basically all types but I’ve been becoming more familiar with and enjoying jazz and electronic and world music. My favorite thing about WCBN is freeform variety.

My freeform show is titled 'What's so funny?', with the subtitle 'bout peace, love and understanding', which is a riff on the Elvis Costello track. This reflects my feeling that music can be a force for good, for positive change.

Let's have fun together and always 'keep pushing, straight ahead'.