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I'm excited to remain involved with one of the premier radio stations in the United States! My interest in music is lifelong and varied. I began volunteering during 2016 fundraising campaign, taking to the air full-time in the fall semester. Looking back, I was in Deejay training for a lifetime. My dad was a music teacher, so we experienced classical, big band, comedy, show tunes, barbershop, jazz, etc.

People should expect an eclectic mix of artists, themes, remembrances, salutes, homages, and more. I like basically all genres and am enjoying jazz more and more. My favorite thing about WCBN is the variety.

After the advent of the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, Sashay Delmonico and I -- with the help of a number of fellow cbn'ers -- completed a back bedroom studio at our Old West Side residence from which we continue to broadcast 'live remote'.