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Christine Barrera-Dulger


I’m a class of 2010 UM alum and studied Anthropology and American Culture. I’ve been DJing at WCBN since Fall 2012, but it took years to work up the courage, concentration and time to join. My shows style is freeform for sure. My taste is oldies, nice rhythms, and melodies, intriguing sounds, ethnic and early recordings. Anything is possible! My early passions and influences are Motown, PBS archaeology documentaries from the 80s. WCBN is definitely the most authentic place in town (but don't be intimidated by the music snobs)

In general, I start off by asking myself what it is I am in the mood for, and then I just build on that. I am always wondering if what I am playing is as pleasurable or interesting to the listeners. I LOVE feedback! I enjoy it when people tell me that I'm doing a good job. Feel free to do so!