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dj candy

here i am in a pink wig
i am the creator of Afternoon Sugar Rush, a request based THEMED show every wednesday 1-2pm here on WCBN! I pick a theme and then I play ALL of your requests that fit that theme!! Genre doesn't matter! I also moonlight on girl power hour :D
i was an aerospace phd student at UofM - i finished with my phd in february 2021 :). i went to MIT for my undergrad degree and minored in music while there (i was in orchestra - violin, classically trained what up - and also choir lol). i also did a few shows on WMBR-FM in cambridge, so i got into college radio early! my other interests besides music basically come down to working out (i played lacrosse for MIT #sporty) and like, coffee, fall stuff, and cats. lmao. 
when i'm not playing your excellent requests, i listen to a LOT of pop music - including indie and alterna pop. dont judge it until you try it! i also really try to plug female solo artists, female fronted- and all-female bands. :D
 i have 2 cats named Astro (boy, black cat) and Luna (girl, tortie)
 here they are!