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Lifelong music fan who came of 'musical age' in the early 1980's. True, but slightly embarassing fact: unashamed fan of first season of Happy Days TV program. My first album purchased was "DEVO: Freedom of Choice". I started at WCBN by guest hosting the Rockabilly Show, then was surprisingly asked to continue the program!

I’ve been DJing for around 25 years. Listeners to my shows should expect to always hear exciting sounds! My playlists usually consist of about 50% vintage (pre-'64) AND about 50% modern (current!) ROCKIN' music! I try to feature a lot of vintage (& modern) "rock-a-billy" -"country/blues" styled (mid-50's era) early rock n' roll, classic country, danceable R'n'B, twangy surf, desperate-styled garage rock & bouncy western swing. Any and all variations on all-of-the above!

My favorite things about WCBN are the knowledgeable and passionate people who volunteer here, the amazing vinyl library, and the talented pool of DJ's, engineers, reviewers & students.

REMEMBER: "It's a GREAT LIFE if you keep ROCKIN'"!

Love live music, most styles of rock n' roll, and vintage clothing.