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Juan Pablo Angel Marcos


My name is Juan Pablo Angel Marcos but people call me JP, Juan Pablo, Pablo, Pabs, JPAM. I'm cool with all the names. I was born in Los Angeles, California, and moved to Wyoming, Michigan when I was about 5 years old. We moved across the whole country, it's a long story. I really enjoy listening to rap! My first real memory loving rap was listening to Brass Monkey by the  Beastie Boys on the radio station. Baby Pablo's mind was blown. I also remember listening to Stronger by Kanye West too. 2008 was a good time. I also really enjoy listening to Mexican oldies thanks to Mom. I really enjoy playing basketball and skateboarding. I like to think that in an alternative dimension I became an NBA player or pro-skater. I still have plenty of time to do both so I'm keeping my dream alive! I also have a dog named Frida and a cat named Callie. I'm holding Callie in the picture.