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Mini profile: I’ve been DJing for 3 years. Expect SHATTERED WINDOWS when listening to my show, “throwin’ rocks at the windows in your ears”. I’m a drums, noise, melodic vocals, & experimental drones aficianado. My favorite thing about CBN is discovering music by grabbing whatever catches my eye, or falls off the shelf, or is reviewed to be "difficult", "weird", "odd", "uncomfortable", "strenuous", "harsh", "aquatic", "scifi", "rambley", "not really music", "ridiculous", "exotic", "cartoonish", "cringey"...

..."flowery", "gross", "skipping record", and "cute".

FUN FACT: I listened to nothing but death metal for 5 years to break the spell of syndicated radio. Eureka!

Top 6 Fortuitous Finds in the WCBN Library.

All music listed has it's home at WCBN. (Fortuitous foundations of Fake Radio: a list.)

1 Haxan Cloak, Excavation.

Important album: This is an album of importance. Especially unbelievable low tones; rattle dystopia.

2 Christal Methodists

Who are these guys? Why did they prank call Evangelical talk shows for remix material? Important, excellent, eep.

3 Death Ambient

Must play one track a week on air until the end of time. Because, holy bananas, Death Ambient is mind-disturbingly-tender-delicious. bananas

4 Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor

Satisfying punk/rawk click/beep. YAY.

5 Towel, 10”

Special heart warming story: Upon researching Vermiform Records a few months back, DJ came across a mysterious band TOWEL that she desperately needed to hear. After days of finding little on the internet DJ trudged, hopeless and defeated, into the FM Studio and TOWEL! THERE WAS TOWEL TEN INCH on the desk. Unbelievable! What fortuitous forces placed Towel on the desk for DJ to find after her own painstaking searches left DJ empty-handed?

Whoever placed Towel there that day, DJ hugs you, graciously, forever in her mind, though you will never know... will you?
hug towel hug towel wcbn hug towel hug hug

6 Arvo Part

Just lovely.