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Reverend Andrew

I’m a community volunteer, freeform DJ and sometimes engineer.
Started out doing music review in 2000 and wound up becoming a DJ around 2007
 I started doing Jazz Till Whenever with the idea that jazz from 9 to
 noon is a fine WCBN tradition.
 It's "till whenever" because I am a freeform DJ with a short attention
 span so I play jazz till I get distracted.
I start with three random selections from the jazz section of our
 the library then take a pass through the new jazz section.
 Some weeks I play almost 3 hours of jazz, other weeks the show
 diverges after 2 or 3 songs.
I like most music but have a preference for fast complex music with
 intelligent lyrics.
My main interests are rock and jazz but I've come to appreciate many
 more genres since I've been listening to WCBN.
Before coming to WCBN I thought I wanted to have all the good music
 but since being here I've realized that not only can I never own all
 good music I couldn't even listen to it all.
So I see what's coming in at music review and explore the library
 knowing that I may not find what I was looking for but I'll certainly
 find something wonderful and unexpected.
Being a DJ teaches you to make decisions quickly with incomplete
 information, you learn to manage your time and listen to your
 Also, you learn that you can do a lot in a minute.