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Sue Dise

Queen of Freeform Radio| Stage 2 trainer | Historical Action Figure

I started in 1975 (I believe the earth's crust was still cooling). I was a host on a now-defunct public affairs show, "The Women's Hour". My contribution was to write, produce, and edit "The Nice Ladies' Comedy Show". This was a thinly veiled attempt to subvert the then-current feminist paradigm by proving that girls do, in fact, have a sense of humor. It was also my sideways stab at insinuating myself into the music programming portion of the station, which at the time had far fewer female DJs than we currently enjoy. I was also one of the perpetrators of the infamous "Blast-Off Girls" program, the preferred radio show of the Huron Valley Men's Correctional Facility.

On my current show, listeners should expect to hear rock and roll pedantry, revolutionary noise-making, and dancing. I am an expert on playing the tune you need to hear at the exact moment you hear it.