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In 1977, arwulf arwulf began collaborating with students and community volunteers at WCBN in the capacity of a stream-of-consciousness announcer and obscure record collector. In early 1980, Program director Judy Schwartz assigned arwulf the 7-8 PM slot on Thursday nights. Initially named for James P. Johnson's stride piano composition "You've Got to be Modernistic", the show became "Face the Music" during the middle 1980s in response to widespread cultural confusion. In addition to serving at WCBN as a mentor, advisor and co-definer of our educational mission, wulfy works full time as a Media Consultant for LSA Technology Services at the University of Michigan, part time at Encore Records, and writes for the Ann Arbor Observer. He is very happily married to Lindsay Forbes and a variable number of felines. 
I’m a DJ, advisor, mentor, broadcasting coach, researcher, and cultural historian. I started at WCBN by sitting in on other people's shows as a collector of rare and unusual records. I've hosted the Thursday night specialty show since 1980 after 3 years subbing. WCBN taught me to investigate everything but I am most specialized in jazz, blues, old time folk & country and Euro-Classical traditions. I’m a 25 year veteran of public radio - former host of WEMU's Sunday Best traditional jazz show. I work for the College of LS&A providing organizational, pedagogic and technological support for higher education. Have been thriving as a reckless careful autodidact in this university community since arriving here as a boy in 1968. Permanent illumination occurred when I worked as an impressionable teenage Psychedelic Ranger at John Sinclair's historic Ann Abor Blues & Jazz Festivals 1972, '73 and '74. A  lifelong commitment to socially progressive cultural enlightenment in this community propels my metabolism. Thrilled & honored to collaborate with students who run, maintain and sustain WCBN FM. My favorite thing about WCBN is that we are the U of M's longest-running alternative educational community outreach program. I thrive on helping to define, refine and sustain our alternative educational mission, a unique continuum nourished and sustained by community volunteer participation.