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sashay delmonico

Music and film have been a huge part of my life. Our house was always filled with music. We grew up in Detroit listening to classical and folk music on the radio (WQRS and WDET) because our dad loved the music....then we discovered rock 'n roll on WABX in the late mid-60's...especially the Stones. I've never tuned into commercial radio, except for CKLW, out of Windsor. Growing up in this area we had a wealth of non-commercial radio to tune in to. My brothers and I spent hours and hours and hours listening to albums together, staring at the album covers artwork, drawing the record label logos. When we were pretty young our dad gave me and my brothers a reel-to-reel tape player which we used it to create our own "radio show." Our ID was "you're listening to WKRUD, that's krud you know!" We had our own little record players in our rooms which we used to play all the music our parents couldn't stand hearing in the house.

I spent many evenings in high school at Wayne State University watching "classic" films on campus. I ran three different film societies while in college and eventually spent 15 years as Executive Director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, after running a few small movie houses. As director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival in the 80s to the early oughts, I was the festival's spokesperson on stage and radio/TV for interviews. Stagehands kept telling me that I had a good voice for radio. Taking that to heart, I got licensed at the station in 1990 and found being a radio host was the perfect outlet to express myself in a different way from my career in experimental film. Having a deep love for freeform radio and a knowledge of music, it was a no-brainer for me to become a radio host. I should have started many years earlier, as I remember when CBN was born 50 years ago! I've hosted a variety of shows from folk to jump blues to african to jazz to other freeform shows. I expect I'm known for the kind of music I play, the variety, and the lack of seriousness (mostly) when I'm on the air. Some of the shows I've hosted are the Friday Night Fishfry, Tossed Salad, Just Folkin' Around, and of course Sashay's Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop. I love love love doing radio at WCBN and am honored to be a part of the best freeform station in the world! My radio name came from a musician friend from the bluegrass band Hot Rize, Charles Sawtelle. Charles gave me the name when I performed on stage with their alter-ego band, Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers. Oh...right....I used to teach and perform jitterbug, 50's rock and roll dancing. I performed on stage with a handful of local and national bands, including Roomful of Blues.

My favorite thing about WCBN is the variety of our programming and the fact that we are not under the thumb of an authority dictating what we can play on the air. Getting to be a radio host and share my love of music with the world . . . our listeners, oh what an honor.