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Playlist: Jazz Till Whenever with Reverend Andrew

with Reverend Andrew on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:13 am
charlie Parker “the bird” the verve years 1948-1950 polydor 1976
9:20 am
N.Y.5 “yeah” music for violin and jazz quartet jam records 1980
9:22 am
don "sugercane" Harris “Generation of Vipers” Cup Full of Dreams Basf 1973
9:29 am
charli Persip and superband “thruway traffic” No Dummies Allowed Soul Note 1989
9:30 am
ed Palermo big band “good morning good morning” The Great Un-American Songbook Cunniform 2017
9:31 am
ed Palermo big band “don't bother me/nardis/don't bother me (reprise)” The Great Un-American Songbook Cunniform 2017
9:32 am
ed Palermo big band “night school” Eddie Loves Frank Cuneiform 2009
9:43 am
frank Zappa “the beltway bandits” Jazz from Hell Barking Pumpkin 1986
9:59 am
Miriodor “Portrait-Robot” Signal 9 Cuneiform 2017
10:02 am
Microscopic quartet “quizzical” up so long it looks like down to me: the micros play the blues (new) cuneiform 2017
10:05 am
Sexmob “baby let me hold your hand” Dime Grind Palace Rope a Dope 2003
10:12 am
jamie Reynolds “good help” grey mirror (new) FSNT 2017
10:18 am
mason Razavi “caravan” quartet plus, volume 2 (new) OA2 records 2017
10:27 am
Golden arm trio “caravan (remix by graham reynolds)” Duke! Innova 2011
10:29 am
stanley Clarke “school days” live 1976-1977 sony 1991
10:48 am
william Parker & stefano scodanibbio “II” bass duo (new) centering records 2017
10:49 am
Chainsaw jazz “momentary discomfort / cytoplasm” disconcerto cuneiform 1993
11:01 am
eivind Opsvik “Brraps!” Overseas V Loyal Label 2017
11:09 am
Maschina “the revenge of the fairy godmothers of funk” purple finger syndrome 1998
11:11 am
shubh Saran “it was you” hmayra (new) art of life records 2017
11:12 am
My dear disco (local) “clubbin'” my dear disco EP 2007
11:13 am
Five alarm funk “Widowmaker” Sweat Factor 2017
11:21 am
Electric six (local) “Broken Machine” I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me Metropolis 2007
11:22 am
the Dirtbombs (local) “Leopardman at C&A” We Have You Surrounded In the Red 2008
11:26 am
rachid Taha “rock el casbah” Tekitoi Wrasse Records 2004
11:30 am
the Burnt suger arkastra “stop trippin' / ride ride ride” all you zombies dig the lumosity (new) AVANT GROIDD Musica 2017
11:42 am
koby israelite “bulgarian boogir / kashmir” blues from elsewhere asphalt tango 2013
11:44 am
Yat-kha “inna-gadda-da-vida” Re-Covers World Village 2005
11:51 am
Tokyo sexwhale (local) “pipeline” Hot Sects Self-Released
11:52 am
Garage sale “space ship john b” Pointless Summer Beef Platter Records 1999
11:55 am
the exploding watusies “hip shakin' queen” eclectic warrior Dan Mulholland
11:59 am
Michael Jackson “P.Y.T”