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Playlist: Freeform w/ Ed Special

with Ed Special on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Show Notes:


Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:01 pm
Carter Burwell A Marvel A Serious Man
3:05 pm
David Fulton Marcos & Harry Like Chignik (&/or)
3:10 pm
Carter Burwell Knock Knock A Serious Man
3:11 pm
Zoviet France Norsch - side A Norsch
3:21 pm
Carter Burwell Green Lawns A Serious Man
3:22 pm
Zoviet France Norsch - side A (cont.) Norsch
3:33 pm
Carter Burwell Blue Skies A Serious Man
3:33 pm
The Glass Orchestra ?
3:35 pm
Bosho Last Wishes Chop Socky
3:40 pm
Carter Burwell Thirst A Serious Man
3:41 pm
The Glass Orchestra ?
3:42 pm
African Headcharge ?
3:48 pm
Glenn Velez ?
3:54 pm
XTC Across This Antheap Oranges and Lemons
4:00 pm
Carter Burwell Uncertainty/The Roof A Serious ManA Serious Man
4:02 pm
unidentified artist ?
4:03 pm
unidentified artist ?
4:07 pm
Elliot Sharp (Carbon) ?
4:13 pm
Yaz Kaz ?
4:15 pm
He Said Omala Post Code Orange Catch Supposes
4:26 pm
unidentified artist ?
4:35 pm
Glen Velez ?
4:42 pm
unidentified artist I Can’t Dance, Got Ants In My Pants
4:45 pm
Carter Burwell The Mentaculus A Serious Man
4:50 pm
Carter Burwell Canada A Serious Man
4:52 pm
Glen Velez ?
4:55 pm
Carter Burwell A Serious Man A Serious Man
4:58 pm
Hardrock & The Rhythm Rockers Whoo! I Mean Whee! Rollercoaster Rockers Rollercoaster (lp) 1985