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Playlist: Throwing Rocks at the Windows in Your Ears

with Marie on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Show Notes:

a wise mouse once said..

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:15 pm
Human Skab Under the Viaduct Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags Family Vinyard 2010
3:18 pm
Diamanda Galas Double-Barrel Prayer You Must Be Certain of the Devil
3:23 pm
White Mice The Crapture Ganjahovadose LOAD
3:27 pm
Wise Blood Nosferatu These Wings Dovecote 2011
3:30 pm
Chumbawamba if it is to be, it is up to me Readymades and then some Mutt 2003
3:35 pm
Ghost We Insist Tune in, Turn on, Free Tibet Drag City 1999
3:37 pm
Ultralyd Pink Mood Chromosome Gun Load 2005
3:44 pm
Gezan Doddoril Blues Katsute Uta Toiwaretasore (It Was Once Said to be a Song) Important Records 2010
3:46 pm
Zu and Spaceways Inc. Thanatocracy Radiale 2004
3:52 pm
Locus Solus Come Yelling 50^3 Tzadik 2004
3:54 pm
Locus Solus On The Ropes 50^3 Tzadik 2004
3:57 pm
Morning Teleportation Rocks Gears Desert Truckin' Salivating for Symbiosis (new) Glacial Pace 2017
4:03 pm
Winter Family Yallah South From Here Ici, d'ailleurs 2016
4:05 pm
Iron Reagan More War Crossover Ministry Relapse
4:06 pm
Cheer Accident King Cheezamin Not A Food Pravda Records
4:11 pm
Winter Family Miss Bonaventure South From Here Ici, d'ailleurs... 2016
4:15 pm
Arto Lindsay Unpair Cuidado Madame (new) Northern Spy 0
4:20 pm
Thigh Master B.B.C. 7" 12xu 2017
4:22 pm
Aldous Harding Horizon Party 4AD 2017
4:27 pm
Jocelyn Montgomery & David Lynch Clarissima Lux Vivens (Living Light) Mammoth Records 1998
4:40 pm
Grails Take Refuge Take Refuge in Clean Living Temporary Residence Ltd. 2008
4:43 pm
SAH (local) Your Music Makes My Girlfriend Horny 06/06 PHRATRY RECORDS 2006
4:54 pm
Ghost Bike Slaveship Earth Sun of the Dead n5MD 2013