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Playlist: Thursday noon-3pm

with Guest DJ Ed Special on Thursday, May 11, 2017

Show Notes:

Ed Special with SPECIAL ED

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
12:03 pm
Faun Fables “Begin” Mother Twilight
12:04 pm
Scott Marshall - “Ten Fingers” Black and White
12:11 pm
Wayne Butane - “Harder”
12:12 pm
Alien8 - “Radiatorheart”
12:12 pm
Mbuti Pygmies - “Leaf Carrying Song”
12:16 pm
Jeff Beal “His Name Was Michael” Carnivale
12:19 pm
Robert Fripp “The Gates Of Paradise” The Gates Of Paradise
12:32 pm
Jeff Beal “Babylon” Carnivale
12:36 pm
Hector Zazou “Hunger” Sahara Blue
12:40 pm
He Said Omala “Post Code Orange” Catch Supposes
12:50 pm
Chutz “Ambrosia Rasputin”
12:52 pm
H.A.L.O. “Skip The Sausage”
12:57 pm
George Clinton . “Do Fries Go With That Shake?”
1:05 pm
Jeff Beal “Storm’s Coming” Carnivale
1:07 pm
The Deep Listening Band “CCCC - (Cistern Chapel Chance Chants)” The Ready Made Boomerang
1:08 pm
Chas Smith “A Curse Of Beauty” An Hour Out Of Desert Center
1:14 pm
Tim Berne “Mikromaus” Science Friction
1:26 pm
Faun Fables “Traveller Returning” Mother Twilight
1:32 pm
Musci/Venosta/Mariani “Ou Est Ti” Losing The Orthodox Path
1:38 pm
Jeff Grienke “An Opening”
1:42 pm
Wechsel Garland & World Standard “The Long Walk” The Isle
1:45 pm
Fred Frith “Gravity’s Rule” The Top Of His Head
1:46 pm
Kettel “Pellegrin”
1:48 pm
Francis E. Dec “rants 3.1 & 3.2”
1:52 pm
Fred Frith “Channel Change” The Top Of His Head
1:55 pm
Francis E. Dec “rant 3.3”
2:00 pm
Propergol y Colargol “ass.music.etna.zo club” Charly Roger lp
2:01 pm
That 1 Guy “One”
2:03 pm
Wechsel Garland & World Standard “Octant” The Isle
2:06 pm
Francis E. Dec “rant 3.4”
2:07 pm
Jeff Beal “Lucky To Have Jonesy (Sofie’s Theme)” Carnivale
2:13 pm
Bobby McFerrin “Anantarivo”
2:16 pm
Havid Hykes & The Harmonic Choir “Lines To A Great Lord”
2:18 pm
Horizon 222 “Touch (Groovin' With The Tuvan)”
2:19 pm
Vernon, Florida “soundtrack”
2:33 pm
Cupol “Kluba Cupol”
2:35 pm
Zoviet France - “Come Infinite” Shadow, Thief of the Sun
2:43 pm
Horizon 222 “Beyond The Horizon (Mother Of Everything)”
2:50 pm
Bobby McFerrin “More Than Oriental Splendor” How The Rhinocerros Gots His Skin
2:57 pm
Bobby McFerrin & Jack Nicholson “How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin”