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Playlist: Thursday noon-3pm

with Guest DJ Ed Special on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Show Notes:

Ed Special with SPECIAL ED

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
12:03 pm
The Shore “waves ”
12:06 pm
Mandible Chatter “A Sun to Lift Sleep from the Weary” Of Foreign Lands and People
12:18 pm
Alan Livingston “Bozo Under the Sea - Side 01”
12:22 pm
Wechsel Garland & World Standard “A Found Chart”
12:25 pm
Alan Livingston “Bozo Under the Sea - Side 02 ”
12:28 pm
GUO-SOA “23.Part.IV.Necro”
12:31 pm
Alan Livingston “Bozo Under the Sea - Side 03 ”
12:34 pm
Ernst Reijseger “Forgotten Dreams #4” Cave of Forgotten Dreams
12:39 pm
Alan Livingston “Bozo Under the Sea - Side 04 ”
12:48 pm
Hans Zimmer “Vide Cor Meum” Hannibal
12:56 pm
Tranquil Summer Garden - “Relax With Nature Vol. 2”
12:56 pm
Robert Rich & Steve Roach “Going Inland” Soma
12:59 pm
Carl Sandburg “Evening Waterfall ”
12:59 pm
Yas-Kaz “Relation Between Bisons, Bananas and Rods ”
1:03 pm
Charles M. Bogert “Sounds of North American Frogs”
1:06 pm
Mo Boma “Amaboma & Jijimuge 4 -” Jijimuge 3-Yellow Earth
1:06 pm
Al & Barbara Fann “Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People's Ears ”
1:17 pm
Robert Rich & Steve Roach “ Love Magick” Soma
1:19 pm
Carl Sandburg “The Wind on the Way”
1:24 pm
Ralph Towner “Col Legno” Lost And Found (1996)
1:27 pm
Pablo's Eye “Gone By Night” Assemblage Volume Two
1:31 pm
Renaldo And The Loaf “J.P.W.B.C.”
1:33 pm
Carl Sandburg “Dust”
1:33 pm
Einstürzende Neubauten “Blume” Tabula Rasa
1:37 pm
Rain Tree Crow “Blackwater” Blackwater
1:43 pm
Charles M. Bogert “Sounds of North American Frogs”
1:49 pm
Deep Listening Band “TexasTravelTexture” Suspended Music
2:04 pm
Brendon Anderegg “Falling Air” One More Year
2:05 pm
Carl Sandburg “How Pink Peony Sent Spuds, the Ballplayer, Up to Pick Four Moons”
2:08 pm
Sounds of the Jungle “Jungle Talk”
2:08 pm
Jon Gibson, Phil Niblock “???”
2:10 pm
Andy Partridge & Harold Budd “ Ceramic Avenue” Through The Hill
2:16 pm
Jon Hassel_Brian Eno_Percy Jones “Chemistry” Fourth Worlds
2:17 pm
Carl Sandburg “Milk White Moon Put the Cows to Sleep”
2:21 pm
Steve Roach “Structures From Silence”
2:23 pm
Carl Sandburg “Two Moon Fantasies”
2:24 pm
Sangkala “Duda”
2:31 pm
Francis Dhomont “??”
2:32 pm
Carl Sandburg “The Dollar Watch and the Five Jack Rabbits”
2:48 pm
Zoviet France “Amadan” Look Into Me
2:49 pm
Deadline “Doo Root”
2:54 pm
Steve Shehan “Shogun” Arrows