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Playlist: Thursday noon-3pm

with MrBadJackson on Thursday, July 6, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
12:01 pm
Dean Elliot “Lonesome Road”
12:02 pm
Frank Zappa “Inca Roads”
12:11 pm
Outer Limits “Cry of Silence”
12:12 pm
Nick Drake “Road”
12:14 pm
John Lurie “Fork In The Road”
12:14 pm
Ivor Cutler “Get Off The Road”
12:15 pm
George Jones “Rock It”
12:17 pm
Material “The Western Lands (A Dangerous Road Mix) ”
12:26 pm
Final “Awake But Numb”
12:30 pm
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band “Fallin' Ditch ”
12:33 pm
Naked City “The Ways Of Pain ”
12:33 pm
Jeff Greinke “Dirt Road”
12:37 pm
Perry Como/Sons Of The Pioneers “Tumbling Tumbleweeds ”
12:40 pm
Frank Zappa “Andy”
12:47 pm
Ed Special “Green Acres remix ”
12:49 pm
Elvis Hitler “Green Haze ”
12:52 pm
Universal Hall Pass “Ring of Fire ”
12:56 pm
Dominic Frontiere “Nightmare - Main Title, Galaxies” The Outer Limits Original Television Soundtrack
12:59 pm
Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire ”
1:01 pm
Dick Dale & His Deltones “Ring of Fire ”
1:06 pm
People Like Us -(PLU), Wobbly, Matmos “Tremble Valley Peady ”
1:10 pm
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown “Fire”
1:16 pm
Merv Griffin “Tumbling Tumbleweeds ”
1:19 pm
Cliff Martinez “Is That What Everybody Else Wants? ” Solaris
1:22 pm
PLU, Wobbly, Matmos “Dolly Pardon ”
1:28 pm
Appleton & Treu “A Stone on My Heart ”
1:28 pm
Johnny Cash “A Day In The Canyon ”
1:35 pm
King Palmer “Hackney Carriage”
1:38 pm
Cliff Martinez “Don’t Blow It/We Don't Have To Think Like That Anymore”
1:40 pm
Bruce Gilbert “Music For Fruit”
1:42 pm
unknown artist “I'm Spending The Night With You ”
1:45 pm
Bruce Gilbert “Music For Fruit ”
1:47 pm
PLU, Wobbly, Matmos “Holler”
1:52 pm
Bruce Gilbert “Music For Fruit ”
1:53 pm
Rinde Eckert-Paul Dresher Ensemble “Sleeping With The Light On” Slow Fire
2:01 pm
Bruce Gilbert “Music For Fruit ”
2:02 pm
Marais & Miranda “How Does A Frog Become A Frog? ”
2:04 pm
Victor Lundberg “On Frogs & Freedom ”
2:05 pm
Hans Reichel “The Frogs Of Miwa ”
2:09 pm
Wesley Willis “The Frogs ”
2:12 pm
Mickey Hart And Planet Drum “Frog Dance ”
2:17 pm
Walter Brennan “Cool Water ”
2:20 pm
Tom Glazer “Little Toad ”
2:22 pm
Aunt Theresa “The Frog ”
2:29 pm
Tex Ritter “Froggy Went A-Courtin' ”
2:32 pm
unknown “Crambo (Froggy Went A Courtin') ”
2:34 pm
Bruce Gilbert “Music For Fruit”
2:38 pm
Fred Frith “Returning Home_ wood & water ”
2:39 pm
Bruce Gilbert “Work For 'Do You Me? I Did' Pt 3 ”
2:39 pm
Lilith (Hubert Kiecol) “Clay”
2:41 pm
Cliff Martinez “Solaris”
2:51 pm
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band “Floppy Boot Stomp ”
2:55 pm
Christian Bok “Ubu Hubbub”
2:56 pm
Dominic Frontiere “Nightmare - Interrogation Loops” The Outer Limits