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Playlist: Thursday noon-3pm

with MrBadJackson on Thursday, September 7, 2017

Show Notes:

Back to Skool

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
12:02 pm
Severed Heads Her Teeth The Ally Cuisine (With Piscatorial)
12:06 pm
unidentified artist organ
12:13 pm
Jerry Mathers & Tony Dow Back to School PSA
12:15 pm
Miss Frances Ding Dong Scool
12:17 pm
Dome Because We Must Yclept
12:23 pm
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Sleep Is Wrong Grand Opening And Closing
12:28 pm
Ed Special, Arwulf, Beanball traffic mayhem
12:32 pm
? Watchin All The Girls Go By
12:37 pm
PSA safety
12:41 pm
Playschool Bus trauma
12:41 pm
PSA trauma
12:42 pm
Andy Partridge ???
12:46 pm
Andy Partridge ???
12:51 pm
? School Days
12:53 pm
Mister Rogers You Have to Learn Your Trade
12:55 pm
Kaye Lande Let’s Play School
12:58 pm
Laurie Johnson Man About Town
1:01 pm
Savant Indifference The Neorealist (At Risk)
1:01 pm
PSA Happiness
1:01 pm
Ren & Stimpy Stimpy’s Invention
1:03 pm
Flipper? Nevermind, Forget It, You Wouldn’t Understand Anyway
1:04 pm
Ad Teen Talk Barbie
1:05 pm
Skeleton Crew Learn To Talk Learn To Talk/The Country of Blinds
1:08 pm
PSA Emotional Problems In College mayhem
1:11 pm
Ren & Stimpy Happy Happy Joy Joy
1:14 pm
Barbie Record Nobody Taught Me How To Fall In Love
1:18 pm
Propaganda film The Great American Student
1:20 pm
Negativland The Perfect Cut (White Rabbit and a Dog Named Gidget) Helter Stupid
1:21 pm
Ideal Tammy
1:22 pm
Barbie Power Wheels
1:22 pm
Tammy Faye Bakker I Wonder
1:24 pm
Little Thinker Tapes The Perfect Job
1:25 pm
Ronald Reagan Uh
1:25 pm
Robert Sharples Big Show Theme
1:27 pm
Wilfred Burns Stop Gap
1:29 pm
Frank Damico Pomp and Ceremony
1:31 pm
PSA Swell
1:32 pm
Percy Jones Cape Catastrophe Cape Catastrophe
1:35 pm
McGeorge Bundy & friends The Case for the College
1:43 pm
Football Hail to the Victors mayhem
1:45 pm
Jack Stachey Lambs in Clover
1:47 pm
Ed Special Beer Ad
1:48 pm
Godley & Creme The Problem, Ready for Ralph L / Snack Attack
1:54 pm
Sidney Crooke The March of the Ants
1:58 pm
Wire Eardrum Buzz WIRE
2:03 pm
unidentified artist If I Only Had a Brain
2:06 pm
XTC Scarecrow People Oranges and Lemons
2:10 pm
College college
2:10 pm
Trevor Duncan Smouldering Fury
2:11 pm
football excitement
2:14 pm
Let’s Play School Let’s Count Together
2:14 pm
Whiffenpoops medley
2:18 pm
? When I Grow Up
2:19 pm
Ken Nordine U S Air Force PSA
2:20 pm
? I Want To Be a …
2:21 pm
PSA Be Kind To Animals Week
2:22 pm
PSA Air Force Reserve propaganda
2:22 pm
PSA Army Battle mayhem
2:26 pm
unidentified artist soft piano
2:28 pm
College college why?
2:32 pm
Colin Newman Fish 12 Provisionally Entitled, The Singing Fish
2:35 pm
Wire Yes, No
2:43 pm
PSA James Brown Stay In School
2:43 pm
Tuxedomoon Reading, Righting, Rhythmatic
2:48 pm
College How To Study and Why
2:48 pm
Coil Remote Viewing 4
2:53 pm
Ed Special Don’t Know
2:58 pm
Gioaccino Rossini and Ron Ronsted The Thieving Magpie (long version)