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Playlist: Freeform w/ TeacherPatti

with Guest DJ Reverend Andrew on Monday, August 7, 2017

Show Notes:

Rev. Andrew sitting in for Teacher Patti

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:11 pm
Blue man group “Rods and Cones” Audio Blue Man Group Records 1999
3:12 pm
Kodo “Berimbau Jam” Mondo Head Sony Music Entertainment (JPN) 2002
3:18 pm
the Dirtbombs (local) “we come in the sunshine” Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey In the Red 2013
3:24 pm
Bonzo dog band “canyons of your mind” The History of the Bonzos United Artists 1974
3:25 pm
Tokyo sexwhale (local) “a shot in the dark” Hot Sects Self-Released
3:29 pm
Timmy's organism “Please Don't Be Going” Heartless Heathen Third Man Records 2015
3:30 pm
Versificators (local) “Surf Robots Must Die” Dsc Or Crbw,B Arbco 2008
3:31 pm
Suicide by cop (local) “defeated by January / meanstreak” Making the Magic Happen Arbco 2012
3:35 pm
Lard “Can God Fill Teeth?” The Last Temptation of Reid Alternative Tentacles 1990
3:42 pm
mazinga (local) “blonde zombies” open the blast doors mazinga 2008
3:43 pm
Strut (local) “5 speed” chickass rock and roll 2000
3:55 pm
Godzuki “rock4/rock5” Your Future March 1998
3:57 pm
the Phage “jupiter” princess magma thephagemusic.com 2009
3:59 pm
Crystal method “high roller” Vegas Geffen 2007
4:08 pm
White hills “overlord” Stop Mute Defeat Thrill Jockey 2017
4:13 pm
Violet sands “hands” hotel (new) youtoocanwoo 2017
4:16 pm
the Vacant lots “empty space” endless night (new) metropolis 2017
4:19 pm
Triptides “afterglow” afterglow (new) rput records 2017
4:20 pm
the wylde oscars “new direction” Off the hip garage sampler (new) off the hip 2017
4:28 pm
Larval (local) “Surrounded by Light / blue larvae / surfing in detroit” Larval Jasrac 1996
4:30 pm
sacred cowboy “twisted shout” Beatles mutation sacredcowboy@ommail.com 2004
4:48 pm
Laibach “Get Back” Let It Be Enigma
4:54 pm
john Sinclair and his international blues scholars “scuze me while i kiss the sky” let's go get 'em mo-sound 2011
5:06 pm
frank Pahl “the romantic side of suicide” the romantic side of suicide tftf records
5:08 pm
Blue sky black death “fire for light” noir fake four inc
5:18 pm
Dtead zepplin “heartbreaker” un-led-ed irs 1985
5:21 pm
Bombay royale “robobeez” run kitty run (new) hopestreet 2107
5:22 pm
Luxury flux “in disguise” luxury flux self released 2017
5:23 pm
Macpodz (local) “Temesgen's Homies” Underwater Encounter Self Released 2016
5:24 pm
Tangerine dream “Stratosfear” Stratosfear Virgin 1976
5:40 pm
Dragonette “let it go” bodyparts
5:44 pm
Nite jewel “Had To Let Me Go” Real High Gloriette 2017
5:46 pm
New swears “walkin' to rockin'” new swears and the magic of horses dine alone records 2017
5:50 pm
nina Miranda “play” Freedom of Movement Six Degrees 2017
5:51 pm
david Nance “Negative Boogie” Negative Boogie Ba Da Bing 2017
6:02 pm
Motorpsycho “out of the woods / the hollow lands / through the veil / doldrums” The Death Defying Unicorn Rune Grmmophone 2011