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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:02 am
Mist Taking the Mist Mist Amethyst Sunset 2009
2:14 am
Chris Pottinger (local) Parasite Lure Stagnant Secretion (new) Tasty Soil 2017
2:18 am
Ben Frost Trauma Theory The Centre Cannot Hold (new) Mute 2017
2:22 am
Oval Cross Selling 94diskont. Thrill Jockey 1995
2:29 am
Mondo Lava side A Parrot Head Cartridge Hausu Mountain 2014
2:37 am
Fumiyo Miyashita October 30, 1979 Part 2 Live on the Boffomundo Show Drag City 1979
2:43 am
Passarani V-Tek Unspeakable Future Outbreaks Hymen Records 1999
2:47 am
Somatic Responses Cinematic Death Sequence Pattern Seeking (new) Hymen Records 2017
2:55 am
WWWINGS Zero Integrity mp3 (new) Bandcamp 2017
2:57 am
Selector Catalogue (local) Summer Cruise The Storm (new) Reject Records 2017
3:00 am
Jake Slazenger Acid Pope Makesaracket Clear 1995
3:05 am
Species of Fishes Bfg9000 vs. Barons Of Hell Trip Trap Galaxiid 1996
3:13 am
Beige Hydro:Porto I Don't Either Leaf 2000
3:16 am
Bisk Why Are There Such Variations? Moonstruck Parade Quatermass 2000
3:20 am
Eric Copeland Neckbone Goofballs (new) DFA 2017
3:25 am
Kill Alters Shrill Birdy No Self Helps (new) Hausu Mountain 2017
3:31 am
Muslimgauze Tuareg Vote Hezbollah Soleilmoon Recordings 1993
3:37 am
Laibach Alle Gegen Alle NATO Mute 1994
3:41 am
From Nursery to Misery Age of Destiny Pixies in the Woods Dark Entries 1990
3:44 am
Myrkur Maneblot Mareridt (new) Relapse 2017
3:48 am
Gnaw Their Tongues I Have Clad The Pillar In The Flayed Skins Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent Crucial Blast 2016
3:52 am
Zola Jesus Siphon Okovi (new) Sacred Bones 2017
3:55 am
Mogwai aka 47 Every Country's Sun (new) Rock Action Records 2017
4:00 am
Cranes And Ever Forever Dedicated 1993
4:04 am
Balmorhea Slow Stone Clear Language (new) Western Vinyl 2017
4:11 am
[.que] Drip Wonderland (new) Sound In Silence 2017
4:14 am
Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer On Branches Lowlands (new) IIKKI 2017
4:19 am
Anton Kubikov Kurt's Forest Whatness (new) Kompakt 2017
4:24 am
Benoît Pioulard Same Time Next Year Lignin Poise (new) Beacon Sound 2017
4:31 am
Talibam! + Matt Nelson + Ron Stabinsky Infinite Hard Vibe Pt. 2 Hard Vibe (new) ESP-Disk' 2017
4:37 am
Giant Claw 007 Soft Channel (new) Orange Milk 2017
4:42 am
Sax & Violence (local) Time Base Ambient Doom Jazz (new) Atonuv 2017
4:47 am
Talibam! The Telegenic Annexation of Territorial Expanse in the West Endgame of the Anthropocene (new) ESP-Disk' 2017
4:49 am
Electric Masada Hath-Arob 50⁴ Tzadik 2004
4:53 am
Frank Zappa Mother People At the Circus Foo-Eee 1978
4:56 am
Frank Zappa Basement Music #1 The Lost Episodes Rykodisc 1978
5:00 am
Ariel Pink Santa's In the Closet Dedicated to Bobby Jameson (new) Mexican Summer 2017
5:03 am
Black Sandwich New U Suddenly Wednesday (new) FPE 2017
5:05 am
The Miami Dolphins Protect the Children & Drain Your Boat Water Your Waiting For (new) FPE 2017
5:08 am
Black Flag Life of Pain Damaged SST 1981
5:11 am
Celestial Bodies Destroyer of Aeons Spit Forth From Chaos (new) I, Voidhanger Records 2017
5:14 am
Wolves in the Throne Room Angrboda 2017 Adult Swim Singles (new) Adult Swim 2017
5:22 am
Cloakroom Seedless Star Time Well (new) Relapse 2017
5:31 am
Miasma Lupine Stare Em:t Explorer Instinct 1996
5:36 am
Burial Rodent Rodent (new) Hyperdub 2017
5:40 am
The Claudia Quintet + Gary Versace "Ideal Standard" Royal Toast Cuneiform 2010
5:48 am
Balmorhea Sky Could Undress (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Remix) mp3 (new) Western Vinyl 2017
5:55 am
Joe Henderson Black Narcissus Soul of a Nation Soul Jazz Records 1976