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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Shigeto (local) When We Low The New Monday (new) Ghostly International 2017
2:05 am
Chloé Outer Space Endless Revisions (new) Lumiere Noire 2017
2:09 am
Four Tet My Angel Rocks Back And Forth Rounds Domino 2003
2:15 am
Erissoma & Lucas Bolaño En Gris Ping Pong (new) Audiotalaia 2017
2:20 am
Behind the Shadow Drops Positive Shadow, Negative Light H a r m o n i c (new) Temporary Residence Ltd. 2017
2:25 am
John Carpenter Assault on Precinct 13 Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998) (new) Sacred Bones 2017
2:29 am
Steven Halpern Presence of Mind Music for Sound Healing 2.0 (new) Inner Peace Music 2017
2:38 am
Circuit des Yeux Paper Bag Reaching for Indigo (new) Drag City 2017
2:42 am
Colleen Winter Dawn A Flame My Love, A Frequency (new) Thrill Jockey 2017
2:47 am
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith In the World, But Not Of the World The Kid (new) Western Vinyl 2017
2:51 am
Nabihah Iqbal Something More Weighing of the Heart (new) Ninja Tune 2017
2:55 am
Mirah Cold Cold Water Sundial (new) Absolute Magnitude/K 2017
3:01 am
Chelsea Wolfe Vex Hiss Spun (new) Sargent House 2017
3:04 am
Wolves in the Throne Room Fire Roars in the Palace of the Moon Thrice Woven (new) Artemisia 2017
3:15 am
And So I Watch You From Afar All I Need Is Space The Endless Shimmering (new) Sargent House 2017
3:19 am
Boredoms Super Are You Super æ Birdman 1998
3:28 am
Saicobab aMn nMn Sab Se Purani Bab (new) Thrill Jockey 2017
3:35 am
Darshan Ambient White Calm Lingering Day: Anatomy of a Daydream (new) Spotted Peccary 2017
3:40 am
Odd Nosdam SES LIF (new) Sound In Silence 2017
3:42 am
Dire Wolves Fogged Out 2 Excursions To Cloudland (new) Beyond Beyond Is Beyond 2017
3:53 am
Sea Trials A Turning Point, A Wave Reveals Sea Trials (new) whitelabrecs 2017
3:58 am
Crisopa Fast Dive Transhumante (new) Sound In Silence 2017
4:02 am
Hanetration Kufuor Gavia EP (new) Bandcamp 2017
4:06 am
Josco & Spheruleus Solva Folded Distance (eilean 67) (new) Eilean Rec. 2017
4:12 am
Cops Sealed Leak Cops (new) Field Hymns 2017
4:16 am
John Bender Siyavakashela Vol. 1 - Cincinnati (new) Heligator Records 2017
4:22 am
Kai Whiston Vein Cloak Fissure Price (new) Big Dada 2017
4:27 am
Mana Runningman Creature EP (new) Hyperdub 2017
4:30 am
Aphex Twin Actium Selected Ambient Works 85-92 Apollo 1992
4:37 am
Lee Gamble Ghost Mnestic Pressure (new) Hyperdub 2017
4:41 am
Etch Green Park Chemotaxis EP (new) Sneaker Social Club 2017
4:47 am
Noer the Boy Dislocatherapy Mechanism (new) Liquid Amber 2017
4:51 am
Compton White Mainland Compton White Sweetboy 2016
4:53 am
ELWD Realityis//Opia All Good Things (new) Bad Taste Records 2017
4:56 am
DJ Helder Atura ou Surta DJ Helder (Afro Funk) Remix 2017 mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2017
4:58 am
Iglooghost Super Ink Burst Neo Wax Bloom (new) Brainfeeder 2017
5:02 am
Squarepusher Do You Know Squarepusher? 12" Warp 2001
5:07 am
Enduser Port 666 (Line 47 Remix) Machine Girl/Enduser split Sonicterror 2003
5:11 am
DJ Vadim Who the Hell Am I? (Animals On Wheels Remix) USSR Reconstruction Ninja Tune 1997
5:18 am
Pilote Microphones (Sirconical Mix) 10" Certificate 18 2000
5:21 am
Kelela Onanon Take Me Apart (new) Warp 2017
5:26 am
Curve On the Wheel Cuckoo reissue 3 Loop Music 1993
5:33 am
Me-Sheen Sonic Lullaby (Edit) Excursions In Ambience: The Fourth Frontier Astralwerks 1995
5:41 am
Curve Falling Free (Aphex Twin Remix) Doppelgänger reissue 3 Loop Music 1992
5:49 am
Expletive Static EP (new) Vanity Press Records 2017
5:55 am
NHK yx Koyxen Outset (For Mika Vainio) Exit Entrance (new) DFA 2017