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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, December 23, 2017

Show Notes:

Lots more tracks gleaned from various year-end best-of lists...
I barely know anything about British culture but that Blue Pedro track still made me lol...
I "forgot" to play any xmas music this show.....

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:02 am
Shells (local) “Out There” Shells 2 (new) Ginkgo Records 2017
2:06 am
Hologram Teen “Magique Afrique” Between The Funk And The Fear (new) Polytechnic Youth 2017
2:09 am
Shigeto (local) “In Case You Forgot” The New Monday (new) Ghostly International 2017
2:13 am
Autechre “Teartear” Amber Warp 1994
2:19 am
Bogus Order “Flight 4” Zen Brakes Vol. 2 (new) Ahead of Our Time 2017
2:25 am
Pauline Anna Strom “Virgin Ice” Trans-Millenia Music Rvng Intl. 1984
2:32 am
The Seven Fields of Aphelion “Triptych: Going Under / The Blur / The Way Beyond” Keep the Ocean Inside (new) Rad Cult 2017
2:41 am
Windy & Carl (local) “A New World” Blues For A UFO (new) Bandcamp 2017
2:49 am
ensemble, et al. “Ondrejko” The Slow Reveal (new) Imaginator Records 2017
2:57 am
Új Bála “Sunspot” Shape Platform 2017 - Sound, Heterogeneous Art And Performance In Europe (new) The Wire 2017
3:02 am
Bullion “Blue Pedro” 12" (new) The Trilogy Tapes 2017
3:07 am
Octo Octa “Adrift (Avalon Emerson's Furiously Awake Version)” 12" (new) HNYTRX 2017
3:15 am
Ciel “Elevate (Go Off Mix)” 12" (new) Peach Discs 2017
3:21 am
Skee Mask “Routine” 12" (new) Ilian Tape 2017
3:27 am
Cherushii “Milk of Paradise” Warrior Loves (Tribute To Cherushii) (new) Sound Warrior Recordings 2017
3:36 am
Coucou Chloé “Stamina” Erika Jane (new) Nuxxe 2017
3:39 am
Vytear “Twombly Bown_M3 ” Kingtrips EP1 (new) Occult Research 2017
3:43 am
Galaxian “Dosing The Population ” Dosing The Population Lower Parts 2017
3:47 am
Batu “Marius” 12" (new) Hessle Audio 2017
3:52 am
Samuel Kerridge “Possession/Control” The Silence Between Us (new) Downwards 2017
3:59 am
Errorsmith “I'm Interesting, Cheerful & Sociable” Superlative Fatigue (new) Pan 2017
4:04 am
Denis Sulta “Dubelle Oh XX (JVIP)” 12" Sulta Selects 2017
4:09 am
Nkisi “Kill” Kill MW Records Norway 2017
4:13 am
PAINT “Beast Mode” Exodus (new) 20/20 LDN 2017
4:18 am
Gosheven “Memory Failure” Leaper (new) Opal Tapes 2017
4:22 am
Mhysa “Spectrum” Fantasii (new) Halcyon Veil 2017
4:25 am
Klein “B2K” Tommy (new) Hyperdub 2017
4:31 am
Soul Capsule “Them Yeah” Superlongevity 6 (new) Perlon 2017
4:37 am
Oluko Imo “Praise Jah” 12" Invisible City Editions ‎ 1978
4:43 am
Jlin “Holy Child” Black Origami Planet Mu 2017
4:47 am
Jana Rush “No Fuks Given” Pariah Objects Limited 2017
4:52 am
Gajek “Das Ewige Fest” '17 (new) Monkeytown 2017
4:58 am
Claude Speeed “Entering the Zone” Infinity Ultra (new) Planet Mu 2017
5:03 am
Strange U “Bullet Proof Mustache” #LP4080 High Focus Records 2017
5:07 am
Open Mike Eagle “No Selling (Uncle Butch Pretending It Dont Hurt)” Brick Body Kids Still Daydream (new) Mello Music Group 2017
5:10 am
Sun Ra and His Outer Space Arkestra “Rocket #9” Singles Strut 1967
5:12 am
Phill Musra Group “The Creator Is So Far Out” Creator Spaces Now-Again 1974
5:19 am
Grupo Um “Mobile/Stabile” Invenciones (La Otra Vanguardia Musical En Latinoamérica 1976-1988) Munster Records 1981
5:27 am
Norbert Stein & Pata Messengers “Be Yond!” We Are (new) Pata Music 2017
5:30 am
Liebman/Murley Quartet “Open Spaces” Live at U of T (new) U of T Jazz 2017
5:34 am
Shabazz Palaces “30 Clip Extension” Quazarz Vs. the Jealous Machines Sub Pop 2017
5:39 am
Grieves “Boop Bop Da Willy Willy” Running Wild (new) Rhymesayers 2017
5:43 am
Eliot Lipp “Tides” Skywave (new) Young Heavy Souls 2017
5:46 am
Kllo “By Your Side” Backwater (new) Ghostly International 2017
5:52 am
Funkadelic “Looking Back At You (Ectomorph Stripped and Dubbed)” Reworked by Detroiters (new) Westbound 2017