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Playlist: The Seizure Experiment

with rotating host MrBadJackson on Sunday, October 22, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:01 pm
Meshuggah Nebulous Nothing Nuclear Blast 2002
10:07 pm
Mortician Cremated Hacked Up For Barbeque and House By the Cemetary
10:09 pm
Belphegor Lust Perishes In a Thirst for Blood Necrodeamon Terrorsatan Napalm Records 2000
10:12 pm
Mortician Barbaric Cruelties Hacked Up For Barbeque and House By The Cemetary
10:13 pm
Meshuggah Perpetual Black Second Nothing Nuclear Blast 2002
10:18 pm
Mortician Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Apocalypse
10:24 pm
Belphegor Vomit Upon The Cross Necrodeamon Terrorsatan Napalm Records 2000
10:26 pm
necrophagist Dismembered Self-Immolation onset of putrification willowtip
10:29 pm
Mortician Hell On Earth Zombie Apocalypse
10:32 pm
Meshuggah Dancers to a discordant system Obzen
10:42 pm
Blotted Science E.E.G. Tracings Machinations of Dementia
10:46 pm
Meshuggah Obzen Obzen
10:52 pm
Necrophagist The Stillborn One Epitaph Relapse 2004
10:56 pm
Origin Portal Contaminated relapse
10:59 pm
Necrophagist Diminished to B Epitaph Relapse 2004
11:06 pm
Regurgitate 666 Casualties Contaminated Relapse
11:07 pm
The Faceless XenoChrist Planetary Duality Sumerian Records 2008
11:10 pm
Mortician Lord of The Dead Chainsaw Dismemberment Relapse 1999
11:15 pm
Sikth Pussyfoot The Trees are Dead and Dried Out Wait for Something Wild Unparalleled Carousel 2003
11:19 pm
Exhumed Vacant Grave Contaminated Relapse
11:23 pm
Mortician Wolfen
11:23 pm
Benumb Guilty of Which You Accuse Contaminated Contaminated
11:27 pm
Gadget Boredom suits me just fine contaminated relapse
11:28 pm
Mortician Apocalyptic Devastation Hacked up for Barbeque
11:29 pm
Mortician Brutal disfigurement Hacked Up For Babeque
11:38 pm
Excision Neckbrace
11:39 pm
Venetian Snares Ultraviolent Junglist My So-Called life
11:44 pm
Excision G-Shit Virus
11:47 pm
Venetian Snares welfare wednesdays My So-Called life
11:55 pm
Bassnectar Chronological Outtakes Vava Voom Amorphous 2012