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Playlist: Freeform w/ DJ Yung Mama Trin

with Guest DJ Reverend Andrew on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Show Notes:

Reverend Andrew sitting in for DJ Young Mama Trin on a grey fall day

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:05 am
hugh Marsh “Rules Are Made to Be Broken” Shaking the Pumpkin Soundwings / Duke Street 1988
9:09 am
Motorpsycho “Out of the Woods / the Hollow Lands” The Death Defying Unicorn Rune Grmmophone 2011
9:23 am
Throttle elevator music “looking up” Area J Wide Hive 2014
9:25 am
Burning ghosts “gaslight” Reclamation Tzadik 2017
9:26 am
john Zorn “batman” Naked City Elektra/Nonesuch 1989
9:31 am
45th street brass “pay for what you get / the pursuance” the curtain show (new) 45thstreetbrass.com 2017
9:35 am
Krokofant “chazz” III rune grammophone 2017
9:40 am
Zevious “white minus red” Passing Through the Wall Cuneiform 2013
9:51 am
Miriador “rvb7” Cobra Fakir Cuneiform 2013
9:52 am
les Projectionnistes “laiic laiton” copie zero dame 1999
10:03 am
Hiromi & edmar castaneda “fire” live in montreal (new) telarc 2017
10:09 am
andy Adamson quintet “transparent dream” First Light Andros Records 2017
10:11 am
Golden arm trio “Caravan” Duke! Innova 2011
10:27 am
molly Jones “1q1q” microliths (new) polyfold 2017
10:29 am
Evolution control comittee “a bigger more important sound” Raymond Scott Rewired Basta
10:42 am
the bran flakes “the toy penguin” raymond scott rewired basta
10:43 am
go home productions “cindy byrdsong” raymond scott rewired basta
10:43 am
the Evolution control committee “listener license agreement” All Rights Reserved Seeland 2011
10:44 am
the Evolution control committee “rocked by rape” rocked by rape EP 2012
10:50 am
the Evolution control committee “rebel without a pause” gunderphonics evolution-control.com
10:52 am
go home productions “jimi public” cd 06 - the bootlegs www.gohomeproductions.co.uk/
10:54 am
go home productions “work it out with a foxy lady” cd 01 -the bootlegs www.gohomeproductions.co.uk/
10:56 am
the bran flakes “(serenade on) carribea corner” raymond scott rewired basta
11:09 am
pierre boulez & the ensemble intercontemporain “the girl in the magnesium dress” boulez conducts zappa emi / angel 1984
11:17 am
walter/wendy Carlos “brandenburg concerto no. 3 in g major, third movement” two copies of switched on bach played at once columbia
11:18 am
slava tsukerman, brenda hutchinson, clive smith “noon” Liquid sky soundtrack varese sarabande 1983
11:18 am
Synergy (Larry Fast) “Phobos and Deimos Go to Mars” Cords Passport 1978
11:27 am
the Ordinaires “kashmir” one bar none 1989
11:28 am
Dali's car “dali's car” the waking hour paradox records
11:43 am
Dali's car “his box / cornwall stone” dali's car paradox records
11:44 am
kazutoki Ummezu kiki band “crawler” live at moers festival 2003 zott? 2003
11:48 am
Mahavishnu orchestra “the noonward race” The Inner Mounting Flame Columbia Records 1971
11:53 am
the Cowslingers “Strip Bars Liquor and Fireworks” A Fistfull of Pesetas Rock & Roll Inc.
11:59 am
the Bobs “Hey Coach Don't Call Me a Queer” I Brow Club Rounder 1997