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Playlist: Radio Ga Ga

with dives on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Show Notes:

It's man against machine this morning as dives battles computer quirks to bring you a glorious hodge podge of rock, classical, and lord only knows what else!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:07 am
Maurice Ravel “Allegro moderato. Très doux” Debussy/Ravel: String Quartets
9:13 am
The Beatles “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” Yellow Submarine Soundtrack Capitol 1999
9:16 am
Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way” Rumors Warner Bros. 1977
9:25 am
Angelo Badalamenti “Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do)” Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me
9:29 am
The Billy's “Sweet Little Baby” Dream Girl
9:32 am
Jimi Hendrix “Bleeding Heart” Jimi Hendrix: Blues
9:45 am
Rolling Stones “The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man” out of our heads
9:45 am
Rolling Stones “Play with Fire” Out of Our Heads London Mono 1965
9:46 am
Epic Soundtracks “Waiting for the Train” Sleeping Star
9:53 am
Maurice Ravel “Introduction and Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet and String Quartet” Debussy/Ravel: String Quartets
9:54 am
David Bowie “Red Sails” Post Card
10:06 am
Paul Simon “Graceland” Graceland
10:06 am
Billy Joel “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” The Stranger
10:15 am
Catfish Hodge “Chicken in the Kitchen” like a big dog barkin'
10:17 am
The Beach Boys “Steamboat” Holland
10:26 am
Franz Liszt “Orchestral Interlude II: "Salve Polonia" ” Franz Liszt: St. Stanislaus
10:27 am
Queen “It's Late” News of the World Elektra 1976
10:33 am
Ted Leo “The Sons of Cain” Living with the Living Touch and Go 2007
10:48 am
Paul Simon “Questions for the Angels” So Beautiful or So What Hear Music 2011
10:49 am
Loren Bouchard et al. “Date Night” The Bob's Burgers Music Album
10:54 am
AC/DC “Soul Stripper” '74 Jailbreak
10:56 am
The Bats “Dancing as the Boat Goes Down” Fear of God
11:07 am
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists “The Unwanted Things” Living with the Living Touch and Go 2007
11:17 am
Mahler “Sehr behaglich” Mahler: Symphony No. 4
11:20 am
Rainbow “Long Live Rock 'n' Roll” Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
11:23 am
Queen “We Will Rock You” News of the World
11:23 am
Queen “We Are the Champions” News of the World Elektra 1976
11:39 am
Aerosmith “Pandora's Box” Get Your Wings
11:46 am
Jimmy Lloyd “I Got A Rocket In My Pocket” The Iron Giant Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Bear Family
11:50 am
Nikki Sudden and Dave Kusnorth: Jacobites “Country Girl” Fortune of Fame
11:52 am
Woody Shaw “The Greene Street Caper”
11:55 am
Queen “Dragon Attack” The Game
11:59 am
Queen “Another One Bites the Dust” The Game Elektra 1980