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Playlist: Freeform w/ Ryan

with Ryan on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:10 am
shilpa ray “morning terrors nights of dread” door girl northern spy 2017
6:11 am
bobbyteen “liquid love” not so sweet estrus records 2000
6:12 am
lovely bad things “I'll listen” teenage grown ups burger records 2017
6:17 am
the miami dolphins “great deals” water your waiting for fpe 2017
6:17 am
voigt/465 “voices a drama” slights still unspoken mental experience 1979
6:18 am
voloptuous horror of karen black “neighborarchie: the guy next door” a national health case beautiful 1992
6:27 am
deerhoof “freedom highway” mountain moves joyful noise 2017
6:27 am
kate pierson “wolves” guitars and microphones lazy meadow music 2015
6:27 am
faith healer “try ;-)” try :-) Mint 2017
6:36 am
alvvays “savaged by a waif” antisocialites polyvinyl 2017
6:36 am
she & him “baby” volume 3 2013
6:42 am
lazlo hortobagyi & iren lovasz “pava” rough guide to hungarian music 2002
6:43 am
trio mandili “qrizantemebi” with love el italia 2015
6:46 am
ephrata “friend folio” ephrata self-released 2017
6:50 am
empress of “kitty kat” me terrible records 2017
6:53 am
chelsea wolfe “offering” sargent house hiss spun 2017
6:55 am
santigold “go! (ft karen o)” master of my make-believe atlantic 2012
7:00 am
chicks on speed “warm leatherette” the re-releases of the un-releases 2000
7:04 am
ear pwr “feel it” ear pwr carpark 2011
7:12 am
lovers “peppermint” darklight badman 2010
7:15 am
mi and l'au “magic 80” if beauty is a crime important records
7:17 am
slumber party “electric boots” 3
7:21 am
briana marela “surrender” all around us 2015
7:24 am
masha qrella “ticket to my heart” keys morr music 2016
7:31 am
dasher “resume” sodium Jagjaguwar 2017
7:31 am
discolor blind “the life of lily” long vivid dream self-released 2017
7:48 am
? “upward movement / the beginning of something exciting / showtime” homestuck
7:48 am
alvvays “your type” antisocialites polyvinyl 2017
7:53 am
haley bonar “I can change” impossible dream gndwire 2016
7:54 am
lina tullgren “asktell” won captured tracks 2017
7:59 am
soccer mommy “death by chocolate” collection Fat Possum 2017
8:01 am
common deer “feather and bone” I self-released 2017
8:04 am
grass widow “spock on muni” internal logic
8:10 am
rebel kind “at the party” just for fools Urinal Cake Records 2016
8:14 am
rainer maria “forest mattress” rainer maria polyvinyl 2017
8:14 am
lightning dust “fire, flesh and bone” fantasy 2013
8:20 am
lisa leblanc “ti-gars” why you wanna leave runaway queen? bonsound 2017
8:21 am
rainbow arabia “he is sorcerer” fm sushi
8:25 am
katherine hepburn (local) “ninety degrees” over easy youth owned records 2015
8:29 am
dressy bessy “all the right reasons” little music 2003
8:40 am
? “explore / endless climbing / space prankster / softly” homestuck
8:45 am
shimmer “high gloss” shimmer drop medium 2017
8:46 am
red aunts “I'm bored with you” ghetto blaster
8:46 am
screaming females “tell me no” ugly don giovanni
8:47 am
happy abandon “beneath our feet” facepaint schoolkids 2017
8:54 am
everyone is dirty “silver & white” my neon's dead oim 2017
8:56 am
voigt/465 “a welcome mystery” slights still unspoken mental experience 1979
8:59 am
belle game “shine” fear / nothing factor 2017