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Playlist: Freeform w/ Ryan

with Ryan on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:10 am
tristen “no one's gonna know” caves thirty tigers 2013
6:10 am
bobbyteen “let's get it on” not so sweet estrus 2000
6:10 am
kaitlyn aurelia smith “in the world, but not of the world” the kid western vinyl 2017
6:10 am
the miami dolphins “it goes on” water your waiting for fpe 2017
6:13 am
feels “play it cool” feels 2016
6:16 am
dum dum girls “little minx” too true 2014
6:18 am
slotface “nancy drew” try not to freak out nettwerk 2017
6:24 am
alex lahey “I love you like a brother” I love you like a brother dead oceans 2017
6:25 am
partner “sex object” in search of lost time you've changed 2017
6:28 am
fuzzy “miss the mark” electric juices
6:30 am
alvvays “lollipop (ode to jim)” antisocialites polyvinyl 2017
6:39 am
child sleep “self-talk” secondary forest self-released 2016
6:39 am
katherine hepburn “ninety degrees” over easy youth owned 2015
6:41 am
trio mandili “rachuli” with love el italia 2015
6:48 am
shimmer “do it dead” shimmer drop medium 2017
6:48 am
metal alvin “I do” metal alvin
6:51 am
shilpa ray “my world shatters by the bqe” door girl northern spy 2017
7:01 am
florist “glowing brightly” if blue could be happiness double double whammy 2017
7:11 am
noga erez “balkada” off the radar city slang 2017
7:11 am
fka twigs “video girl” lp1 2014
7:17 am
purity ring “heartsigh” another eternity 4ad 2015
7:22 am
cold specks “solid” fool's paradise Arts & Crafts 2017
7:27 am
circuit des yeux “paper bag” reaching for indigo drag city 2017
7:30 am
anneli drecker “snow” revelation for personal use rune grammofon 2017
7:44 am
summer camp “whatever” beyond clueless 2014
7:44 am
petra haden “a fistfull of dollars theme” petra goes to the movies anti- 2013
7:45 am
takako minekawa “micro mini cool” cloudy cloud calculator emperor norton 1998
7:45 am
zola jesus “remains” okovi sacred bones 2017
7:54 am
the bad signs “love lock” black magic moments number 9 creative cult 2017
7:54 am
country liners “maria” the country liners wharf cat 2017
8:03 am
alyeska “tilt-a-whirl” crush self-released 2017
8:03 am
masha qrella “pale days” keys morr music 2016
8:04 am
liechtenstein “roses in the park” survival strategies in a modern world 2009
8:10 am
the softies “the places we go” holiday in rhode island 2000
8:14 am
belle game “spirit” fear / nothing factor 2017
8:15 am
veronica falls “wedding day” veronica falls
8:17 am
yowler “go” the offer double double whammy 2017
8:21 am
great lakes myth society “seeds for sale” great lakes myth society 2005
8:26 am
radiolaria “star ball contribution” fuzz is verse
8:30 am
emily wells “don't use me up” promise thesis + instinct 2016
8:41 am
takako minekawa “cloud chips” cloudy cloud calculator Emperor Norton 1998
8:41 am
? “cutman / gutsman / iceman” mega man OST
8:42 am
frankie rose & the outs “save me” frankie rose & the outs
8:42 am
palberta “stayin' alive” bye bye berta wharf cat 2017
8:42 am
pepe deluxe “hesperus garden” queen of the wave
8:47 am
screaming females “no being disgusting” singles don giovanni
8:48 am
bristol “woman” bristol kwaiden 2016
8:58 am
shilpa ray “morning terrors nights of dread” door girl northern spy 2017
8:59 am
tasseomancy “do easy” do easy bella union 2016