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Playlist: Freeform w/ Roberto YOUR Masked Marauder

with Roberto YOUR Masked Marauder on Saturday, December 2, 2017

Show Notes:

It’s an electronica/techno/ambient music fest this morning people, did you NOT get the Memo?!!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:01 am
Country Joe & the Fish “The Masked Marauder (mono mix)” Electric Music for the Mind and Body Vanguard 1967
6:07 am
Seth Carter “Warrior Cry (FBK remix)” Warrior Cry 12” (local) Musicality (ep) 2013
6:12 am
Yusuke Sakurai “Dublee - softness” Elektronische Musik - Interkontinental 2 Traum 2013
6:19 am
Future Prophecies “Electronic Funk” Electronic Funk Ep Subtitles 2002
6:35 am
Islaja “Lainaa Lause” Monika Werkstatt (new) Initiative Musik 2017
6:38 am
Hot Chip “Night and Day” In Our Heads Domino 2012
6:42 am
Vessels “Radiart” The Great Distraction (new) self-released 2017
6:48 am
Blacklist “Exit” Wierd Compilation Wierd 2011
6:56 am
Shigeto (local) “When We Low” The New Monday (new) Ghostly International 2017
7:01 am
Kraftwerk “Vitamin” Tour De France Soundtracks Astralwerks 2003
7:09 am
Petit Biscuit “On the Road” Presence (new) self-released 2017
7:13 am
Masuda Munehisa “Darmush - rarpa” Elektronische Musik - Interkontinental 2 Traum 2013
7:24 am
Null + Void “Into the Void” Vryosleep (new) HFN Music 2017
7:35 am
Dawn People “Never Be Afraid” The Star Is Your Future (new) DFA 2017
7:40 am
Keith Fullerton Whitman “Knitting Factory” Year Long Carpark 2005
7:44 am
Lindstrøm “Bungl (like a Ghost)” It's Alright Between Us as It Is (new) Smalltown Supersound 2017
7:51 am
A Vague Disquiet “Heatshock: Type 1” Wierd Compilation Wierd (lp) 2011
7:54 am
A Tribe Called Red “Suplex ft. Northern Voice” Suplex Radicalized 2015
8:01 am
King Henry “I’ll Be There (featuring Sasha Sloan)” King Henry EP Duke City 2017
8:05 am
Holy Other “Love Some 1” Held Triangle 2012
8:09 am
Odesza “La Ciudad” A Moment Apart (new) Counter Records 2017
8:14 am
Giraffage “First Breath” Too Real (new) Counter 2017
8:19 am
Elektro Guzzi “Voix” Clones Macro Recordings 2016
8:25 am
Mux Mool “Starfighter Courage” Implied Lines (new) Young Heavy Souls 2017
8:36 am
Emika “Mouth to Mouth” DVA Ninja Tune 2013
8:42 am
Chloe “Because It's There” Endless Revisions (new) Lumiere Noire 2017
8:49 am
Nosaj Thing “Way We Were (feat. Zuri Marley)” Parallels (new) Innovative Leisure 2017
8:53 am
Darshan Ambient “Kissing Crust” Lingering Day: Anatomy of a Daydream (new) Spotted Peccary 2017
8:59 am
Dan Friel “Intermission #3” Total Folklore Thrill Jockey 2013