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Playlist: Freeform w/ Roberto YOUR Masked Marauder

with Roberto YOUR Masked Marauder on Saturday, December 16, 2017

Show Notes:

A 'deep tracks' dive into the Elektra Records catalog. Folk, rock, art rock, protest music, blues, even early punk!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:02 am
Country Joe & the Fish “The Masked Marauder (mono mix)” Electric Music for the Mind and Body Vanguard 1967
6:06 am
Judy Collins “Turn! Turn! Turn/To Everything There is a Season” Judy Collins #3 Elektra 1964
6:09 am
Love “My Little Red Book” Love Elektra 1966
6:13 am
Dian & the Greenbrier Boys “He Was a Friend” Dian & the Greenbrier Boys Elektra 1963
6:16 am
David Blue “So Easy She Goes By” David Blue Elektra 1966
6:18 am
Judy Henske “High Flying Bird” High Flying Bird Elektra 1964
6:21 am
Tim Buckley “Wings” Tim Buckley Elektra 1966
6:24 am
Bob Gibson “Dink's Song (fare thee well)” Where I'm Bound Elektra 1964
6:27 am
Paul Butterfield Blues Band “I Got a Mind to Give Up Living” East-West Elektra 1966
6:34 am
Koerner, Ray & Glover “Linin' Truck” Blues, Rags and Hollers Elektra 1963
6:36 am
Pat Kilroy “The Magic Carpet” Light of Day Elektra 1966
6:38 am
The Even Dozen Jug Band “The Even Dozens” The Even Dozen Jug Band Elektra 1965
6:41 am
The Incredible String Band “First Girl I Loved” The 5000 Spirits Or the Layers of the Onion Elektra 1967
6:46 am
Vince Martin & Fred Neil “Wild Child in a World of Trouble” Tear Down the Walls Elektra 1965
6:48 am
Alasdair Clayre “The Invisible Backwards-Facing Grocer Who Rose to Fame” Alasdair Clayre Elektra 1967
6:51 am
Spider John Koerner “Good Luck Child” Spider Blues Elektra 1965
6:53 am
Tom Paxton “One Time and One Time Only” 45rpm single Elektra 1966
6:56 am
Geoff Muldaur “Downtown Blues” The Blues Project Elektra 1964
7:02 am
Phil Ochs “Changes” Phil Ochs in Concert Elektra 1966
7:07 am
Hamilton Camp “Pride of Man” Paths of Victory Elektra 1964
7:09 am
The Doors “Down on the Farm” Other Voices Elektra (lp) 1971
7:15 am
The Dillards with Byron Berline “Black Mountain Rag” Pickin' & Fiddlin' Elektra 1965
7:16 am
Clear Light “Black Roses” Clear Light Elektra 1967
7:18 am
Richard Farina “House Un-American Blues Activity Dream” Singer Songwriter Project Elektra 1965
7:21 am
The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds “Virgo” The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds Elektra 1967
7:24 am
Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis “Two Trains Running” Maxwell Street Elektra 1965
7:27 am
Eclection “Nevertheless” Eclection Elektra 1968
7:37 am
Dino Valente “Birdses” 45rpm single Elektra 1964
7:39 am
Ars Nova “Fields of People” Ars Nova Elektra 1968
7:42 am
Nico “Frozen Warnings” The Marble Index Elektra 1968
7:47 am
The Stooges “Dirt” Fun House Elektra (lp) 1970
7:53 am
The Holy Modal Rounders “Dame Fortune” The Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders Elektra 1967
8:01 am
Earth Opera “Mad Lydia's Waltz” The Great American Eagle Tragedy Elektra 1968
8:04 am
Bamboo “Girl of the Seasons” Bamboo Elektra 1968
8:07 am
David Stoughton “The Sun Comes Up Each Day” Transformer Elektra 1968
8:11 am
The Waphphle “I Want You” 45 rpm single Elektra 1967
8:14 am
The Dillards “She Sang Hymns Out of Tune” Wheatstraw Suite Elektra 1968
8:17 am
Paul Siebel “Louise” Woodsmoke and Oranges Elektra 1970
8:20 am
The Stalk-Forrest Group “Arthur Comics” 45rpm single Elektra 1968
8:23 am
MC5 (local) “MOTOR CITY IS BURNING” KICK OUT THE JAMS Elektra (lp) 1969
8:35 am
Carly Simon “That's the Way I've Always Heard it Should Be” Carly Simon Elektra 1971
8:39 am
Rhinoceros “Apricot Brandy” Rhinoceros Elektra 1968
8:41 am
Farquahr “Start Living” Farquahr Elektra 1971
8:44 am
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends “When the Battle is Over” The Original Delaney & Bonnie/Accept No Substitute Elektra 1969
8:48 am
The Wackers “I Hardly Know Her name” Hot Wacks Elektra 1972
8:49 am
Lonnie Mack “Mt. Healthy Blues” Whatever's Right Elektra 1969
8:57 am
The Beefeaters “Don't Be Long” 45rpm single Elektra 1964