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Playlist: Freeform w/ Michelle Ryan Hughes

with Michelle Ryan Hughes on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:07 am
austra beat and the pulse feel it break domino 2011
6:09 am
marnie the hunter crystal world 2013
6:22 am
hazel english I'm fine just give in / never going home polyvinyl 2017
6:22 am
love of diagrams the pyramid love of diagrams 2007
6:22 am
makthaverskan vienna ill run for cover 2017
6:27 am
alvvays your type antisocialites polyvinyl 2017
6:27 am
all girl summer fun band becky 2 2003
6:29 am
summer camp sleepwalking bad love moshi moshi 2015
6:39 am
tristen doomsday charlatans at the garden gate american myth 2011
6:39 am
weaves coo coo weaves kanine 2016
6:42 am
scala I touch myself (billy idol) dream on 2003
6:50 am
space lady synthesize me the space lady's greatest hits night school
6:51 am
dezurik sisters I left her standing there flowers in the wildwood trikont 2003
6:54 am
dark dark dark junk bones
7:03 am
katice bog daj, bog daj unblocked
7:03 am
dum dum girls I will be I will be 2010
7:03 am
pain teens cool your power destroy me, lover trance syndicate 1993
7:04 am
torres helen in the woods three futures 4ad 2017
7:10 am
re styles and the final rinse nuclear beauty parlor nuclear beauty parlor 1983
7:10 am
the capricorns end of the world love song pure magical love 2006
7:19 am
randolph's grin burn the bridge melt
7:19 am
the coathangers toomerhead scramble 2009
7:31 am
heart shaped hate decapitated in barbie's dream house bitch, plz cassette deck 2014
7:32 am
peach kelli pop princess castle 1987 peach kelli pop III 2015
7:32 am
chika chika voom voom vooma chika chika win 1998
7:32 am
hinds bamboo leave me alone mom + pop 2016
7:40 am
malvina reynolds the devil's baptizin sings the truth
7:43 am
clara rockmore the swan the art of the theremin
7:52 am
screaming females I believe in evil power move don giovanni 2009
7:52 am
the organ we've got to meet sinking heart global symphonic 2002
7:52 am
flight of the conchords robot
8:02 am
adult. helen bach gimme trouble 2005
8:02 am
anna oxygen baby blue all your faded things 2003
8:08 am
purity ring heartsigh another eternity 4ad 2015
8:17 am
lettercamp weightless raccoon panda 2011
8:18 am
white ravens atomic panda gargoyles and weather vanes 2009
8:18 am
morris family he rose how can I keep from singing
8:25 am
orpheum bell local boy pearls 2010
8:29 am
liechtenstein reflections survival strategies in a modern world 2009
8:29 am
veronica falls misery veronica falls slumberland 2011
8:42 am
vita noctis hade
8:42 am
crying bloom get olde / second wind 2015
8:50 am
duchess says antepoc in a fung day t
8:51 am
hang on the box no sexy yellow banana 2001
8:51 am
bratmobile eating toothpaste ladies, women, and girls kill rock stars 2000
8:52 am
bestial mouths small prey heartless cleopatra 2016
8:57 am
dear darkness you done something get it here self-released 2016
8:59 am
fatal microbes violence grows a reference of female-fronted punk rock