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Playlist: The Masked Marauder Show

with Roberto on Saturday, April 28, 2018

Show Notes:

Did anyone say Metal? The Masked Marauder messing around in the Seizure Experiment room!
FZ rules the other half of the show!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:01 am
Country Joe & the Fish The Masked Marauder (Mono Mix) Electric Music for the Mind and Body Vanguard 1967
6:04 am
Bloodbath Outnumbering the Day Nightmares Made Flesh Century Media 2004
6:08 am
Uphill Battle Conceptual Frame Wreck of Nerves Relapse 2004
6:13 am
Arise and Ruin Fear Itself The Final Dawn Victory
6:16 am
Iron Maiden The Duelists Powerslave Capitol 1984
6:22 am
Akhlys Tides of Oneiric Darkness Akhlys self-released 2018
6:29 am
Darkane The Fear of One's Self Darkane Nuclear Blast 2002
6:33 am
Black Sabbath Megalomania Past Lives (disc 2) 2002
6:43 am
Metal Church Beyond the Black Metal Church Ground Zero 1984
6:50 am
Yyrkoon Doctor X Occult Medicine Osmose 2005
6:58 am
The Faceless Coldly Calculated Design Planetary Quality Sumerian 2008
7:01 am
Slayer Angel of Death Reign in Blood American 1986
7:05 am
Enslaved The River's Mouth Σ (new) Nuclear Blast 2017
7:10 am
Forbidden Through Eyes of Glass (by request) Forbidden Evil Combat 1988
7:17 am
Havukruunu Vaeltaja Kelle Surut Soi (new) Naturmacht 2017
7:23 am
Black Sabbath Die Young Heaven & Hell Warner Bros. 1980
7:27 am
Arsis Elegant and Perverse A Celebration of Guilt Willowtip Records 2004
7:36 am
Frank Zappa Zomby Woof Over-nite Sensation Discreet (lp) 1973
7:40 am
Frank Zappa Winos Do Not March Guitar (live solos 1979-84) Rykodisc (lp) 1988
7:45 am
Frank Zappa Systems of Edges Guitar (Live Solos 1979-84) Rykodisc (Lp) 1988
7:49 am
Frank Zappa Things That Look Like Meat Guitar (Live Solos 1979-84) Rykodisc (Lp) 1988
7:54 am
Frank Zappa San Ber'dino Hammersmith Odeon Fz 1978
8:02 am
Frank Zappa The Torture Never Stops Hammersmith Odeon Fz 1978
8:15 am
Frank Zappa Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me? Zappa in New York Discreet (Lp) 1977
8:21 am
Frank Zappa King Kong Hammersmith Odeon Fz 1978
8:34 am
Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart/The Mothers Sam With the Showing Scalp Flat Top Bongo Fury DiscReet (lp) 1975
8:37 am
Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart/the Mothers Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead Bongo Fury Discreet (Lp) 1975
8:39 am
Frank and Moon Zappa Valley Girl (by request) 45 rpm single Barking Pumpkin 1982
8:44 am
Frank Zappa Flambay Sleep Dirt Zappa 1979
8:51 am
Zappa Plays Zappa Muffin Man (by request) The Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, Canada {YouTube} 2013
8:57 am
The Mothers of Invention Motherly Love Freak out! Verve 1966