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Playlist: Break Your Radio

with The Liz on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:06 pm
Monster Rally “Niñas de la selva” Flowering jungle (new)
10:07 pm
Monster Rally “Sunshine” Flowering jungle (new)
10:11 pm
Mosquitos “Boombox” Mosquitos
10:14 pm
Monster Rally “Jungle cruise” Flowering jungle (new)
10:14 pm
Professor Longhair “Big chief” House party New Orleans style: The lost sessions 1971–1972
10:17 pm
Nathan Bowles “Burnt ends rag” Whole & cloven (new)
10:20 pm
Charlie Parr “Boiling down Silas” Dog (new)
10:25 pm
Righteous Brothers “My tears will go away” 45" rekkid
10:30 pm
Jeannie C. Riley “Harper Valley P.T.A.” 45" wreckchord
10:41 pm
The Inspirational Soul “Long journey” The gospel soul of Detroit: Sanctified sounds from the Motor City (new)
10:43 pm
The Cranberries “When you're gone” To the faithful departed RIP Dolores O'Ríordan
10:47 pm
Ani Difranco “Little plastic castle” Little plastic castle
10:51 pm
Ani Difranco “Play god” Binary (new)
10:56 pm
Nai Palm “Blackstar / Pyramid song / Breathing underwater” Needlepaw (new)
11:06 pm
Emel “Shkun ena” Ensen
11:14 pm
Laurie Anderson “Babydoll” Strange angels
11:16 pm
Monomyth “Go somewhere” Happy pop family
11:19 pm
Mourn “Second sage” Ha, ha, he.
11:21 pm
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu “5ive years monster” KPP best (new)
11:27 pm
La Louma “The decline of nations” Let the world be flooded out (new)
11:38 pm
Panopticon “Kentucky” Kentucky (new)
11:41 pm
Shigeto (local) “In case you forgot” The new Monday (new)
11:41 pm
Eliot Lipp “Rise fall rise” Skywave (new)
11:49 pm
Eliot Lipp “Fly away (Baby part 2)” Shark wolf rabbit snake (new)
11:49 pm
Psapp “Marshrat” The camel's back
11:52 pm
Lindstrøm “Drift” It's alright between us as it is (new)
11:59 pm
Colleen “One warm spark” A flame my love, a frequency (new)