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Playlist: The Seizure Experiment

with rotating host KRISTIN on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:09 pm
mr velocity hopkins (l) all allein 7" bulb
10:10 pm
zeni geva & steve albini i hate you all right you little bastards nux
10:15 pm
prehensile mokey tailed skink (l) i hate you 7" blackjack 1994
10:16 pm
the simpletones i like drugs v/a it's punk, innit jungle
10:18 pm
bastards joy of gardening monticello treehouse 1989
10:19 pm
mol triffid (l) brain sandwich 7" icon 1994
10:25 pm
reagan youth usa s/t nra 8084
10:30 pm
wildbunch (l) gay bar 7"
10:34 pm
misfits angelf**k legacy of brutality caroline
10:35 pm
bar-b-q killers larger than large comely twilight
10:37 pm
golden torso (l) too drunk to f**k v/a american hardcore box dyspepsidisc
10:39 pm
bardo pond back porch bufo alvarius drunken fish 1994
10:41 pm
child bite (l) earth ad/we bite v/a american hardcore box
10:45 pm
voivod tornado killing technology noise/combat 1984
10:53 pm
plastic acid (l) noctuary 7" cerebrum 1995
10:56 pm
distorted pony splinter punishment room bomp 1992
10:58 pm
bantam rooster (l) garage rapture 7" flying bomb 1997
11:02 pm
conflict they said that...etc the ungovernable force mortarhate 1986
11:10 pm
perdition big problems split lp w/vicious circle flipside 1985
11:14 pm
dickies pretty please me/you drive me ape locked n loaded taang! 1990
11:17 pm
broken trust (local) turd burglar/straight edge beer barrell polka 7" depression 1990
11:22 pm
tesco vee (local) crapper's delight dutch hercules t&g 1984
11:29 pm
couch (l) green and red look alike 7" bulb 1993
11:39 pm
monsters or mayhem (l) unclear 7" split w/ fas arbco 2008
11:41 pm
the freeze broken bones v/a boston not la modern method 1982
11:42 pm
fas (local) johnny beat off 7" split w/ monsters or mayhem arbco 2008
11:47 pm
discharge you deserve me s/t sanctuary 2002
11:48 pm
jerry's kids machine gun v/a unsafe at any speed ep modern method 1982
11:49 pm
dicks sh*t on me 1980-1986 a/t 1997
11:52 pm
bad brains sailin' on/don't need it s/t roir 1982
11:54 pm
locrian the future of death Infinite Dissolution (new) Relapse 2015
11:58 pm
slayer implode repentless (new) nuclear blast 2015