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Playlist: The Seizure Experiment

with rotating host Marie on Sunday, December 20, 2015

Show Notes:

Marie and Mitch here. Mitch brought the pretty records you are hearing.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:03 pm
The Body & Thou Her Strongholds Unvanquishble You, Whom I Have Always Hated Thrill Jockey 2015
10:09 pm
Sikth Mermaid Slur, When The Moment's Gone Death of a Dead Day bieler bros. 2006
10:18 pm
Slayer Jesus Saves Reign In Blood
10:19 pm
Sacrifice Reanimation Forward to Termination
10:24 pm
Warhead Cry of Truth, Suicide Never Give Up
10:26 pm
Daughters Hyperventilation System Hell Songs
10:31 pm
Confuse Spending Loud Night Spending Loud Night
10:38 pm
Pretty Little Flower Worn Thin, Drowning in Stress split w/ Mass Grave
10:39 pm
Suffocation Infecting the Crypts Effigy Of The Forgotten
10:46 pm
Y A side a black sheep... is still a sheep excelsior
10:51 pm
Archagathus Ridiculous Incision, Surgery Addict Raw Shit
10:51 pm
White Mice Diabeasstitty Blassstphlegmeice Load Records
10:55 pm
Pig Destroyer Sheet Metal Girl Prowler In The Yard
10:56 pm
Test Arabe Macabre, Androides Arabe Macabre
11:05 pm
Darkthrone Transylvanian Hunger Transylvanian Hunger
11:09 pm
Sarcofago INRI INRI
11:10 pm
Absu Earth Ripper, Circles of the Oath Abzu
11:21 pm
Erik Lindgren A Special Personalized Christmas Greeting from all the Retailers of America The Dark Side of the Xmas Tree
11:22 pm
Zouo Of Satan the Final Agony
11:27 pm
Fear Fuck Christmas Fear
11:27 pm
Vorhees Red Rum
11:28 pm
Permanent Ruin Exercise in Flesh, Snowed In
11:37 pm
White Suns Fossil Record Totem
11:38 pm
Pensees Nocturnes Coups de Bleus Vacuum
11:50 pm
Gauze Low Charge 7"
11:52 pm
DSB Human Arise (We Are Still Living Here Now) Battle Into Invisible Zone
11:54 pm
Nomeansno Big Dick, Two Lips Two Lungs and One Tongue Wrong
11:57 pm
Hammer LP