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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, January 27, 2018

Show Notes:

R.I.P. MARK E SMITH :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:04 am
The Fall I Am Damo Suzuki This Nation's Saving Grace Beggar's Banquet 1985
2:09 am
The Fall Eat Y'Self Fitter Perverted By Language Rough Trade 1983
2:16 am
The Fall Jawbone and the Air Rifle Hex Enduction Hour Kamera 1982
2:19 am
The Fall Prole Art Threat Slates Rough Trade 1981
2:21 am
The Fall How I Wrote 'Elastic Man' Palace of Swords Reversed Rough Trade 1980
2:25 am
The Fall English Scheme Grotesque Rough Trade 1980
2:28 am
The Fall No Xmas For John Quays Live at the Witch Trials Step Forward 1979
2:37 am
The Fall Neighbourhood of Infinity Perverted by Language (Expanded Edition) Castle Music 1984
2:40 am
The Fall Cab It Up Cab It Up Beggars Banquet 1989
2:43 am
The Fall Oh! Brother 458489 A Sides Beggars Banquet 1984
2:47 am
The Fall New Big Prinz I Am Kurious Oranj Beggars Banquet 1988
2:50 am
The Fall Don't Take the Pizza Shift-Work (reissue) Fontana 1990
2:53 am
The Fall British People In Hot Weather Telephone Thing Cog Sinister 1990
2:56 am
The Fall Zandra I'm Frank Cog Sinister 1990
3:00 am
The Fall A Day in the Life Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father New Musical Express 1988
3:03 am
The Fall Why Are People Grudgeful? The Infotainment Scan Matador 1993
3:08 am
The Fall Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 Castle Music 1996
3:11 am
The Fall Hey! Student Middle Class Revolt Matador 1994
3:19 am
Mark E Smith Mark E Smith Reads the Football Scores mp3 BBC 2005
3:25 am
The Fall Life Just Bounces Cerebral Caustic Permanent Records 1995
3:30 am
The Fall Glam Racket/Star The Twenty Seven Points Permanent Records 1995
3:33 am
The Fall Cyber Insekt The Unutterable Eagle Records 2000
3:37 am
The Fall Mad Mock Goth The Real New Fall LP Narnack Records 2004
3:41 am
The Fall I Can Hear the Grass Grow Fall Heads Roll Narnack Records 2005
3:44 am
Von Südenfed Flooded Tromatic Reflexxions Domino 2007
3:48 am
The Fall Over!Over! Reformation Post T.L.C. Narnack Records 2007
3:52 am
The Fall Fibre Book Troll Sub-Lingual Tablet Cherry Red 2015
3:58 am
The Fall Victoria Train Station Massacre New Facts Emerge Cherry Red 2017
4:01 am
Brix and the Extricated Damned For Eternity Part 2 (new) Blang 2017
4:03 am
Graham Repulski Superior Sources Permission to Love (new) Shorter Recordings 2018
4:05 am
Linda Guilala Ausencia Es Presencia Primavera Negra (new) Elefant 2018
4:09 am
Xylouris White Call and Response Mother (new) Bella Union 2018
4:12 am
Hollie Cook Lunar Addiction Vessel of Love (new) Merge 2018
4:16 am
Khruangbin Shades of Man Con Todo El Mundo (new) Dead Oceans 2018
4:20 am
Laraaji I Can Only Bliss Out (F'Days) Vision Songs Vol. 1 Numero Group 1984
4:25 am
Schlammpeitziger Smooth Motion Kaukraut Damenbartblick auf Pregnant Hill (new) Bureau B 2018
4:31 am
Laslo Itt Vagyok Lent Minden Nap Vasárnap (new) Greta Cottage Woodpile 2017
4:39 am
The Belbury Circle Light Industry Outward Journeys (new) Ghost Box 2017
4:44 am
Johnny Jewel Digital Rain Digital Rain (new) Italians Do It Better 2018
4:49 am
Ekin Fil Hasret Inflame (new) Helen Scarsdale Agency 2017
4:51 am
Krikor Kouchian Zulette Pacific Alley (new) L.I.E.S. 2017
4:56 am
1954 Hermann's Dream A Part of Me (new) Project Mooncircle 2018
4:59 am
Lanark Artefax Styx In Death's Dream Kingdom (new) Houndstooth 2018
5:03 am
Shapednoise Ghostly Metafiction In Death's Dream Kingdom (new) Houndstooth 2018
5:09 am
Spatial Haunted Dance Hall In Death's Dream Kingdom (new) Houndstooth 2018
5:15 am
Matthewdavid Secret Rooms of Tokyo Time Flying Beats (new) Leaving Records 2018
5:22 am
Wriggler Bascombe Final Battle Final Battle One Nation Records 1993
5:26 am
Elevation & x.nte Bahama Noise Angel 93 (new) Cock Rock Disco 2017
5:32 am
Tatira Dirt in the Vein Scraping the Wall (new) Inam Records 2018
5:36 am
Hydropark (local) Do U Wanna Know? Hydropark (EP1) (new) Bandcamp 2018
5:39 am
Negative Gemini Bad Baby Bad Baby (new) 100% Electronica 2018
5:43 am
Profligate A Circle Of Somewhere Else (new) Wharf Cat Records 2018
5:49 am
Tomoko Sauvage In Some Brighter Sphere In Death's Dream Kingdom (new) Houndstooth 2018
5:54 am
Cocteau Twins Donimo Treasure 4AD 1984