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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, February 3, 2018

Show Notes:

Fundraising starts next Friday!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Anna Burch (local) With You Every Day Quit the Curse (new) Polyvinyl 2018
2:05 am
Poppy Ackroyd Luna Resolve (new) One Little Indian 2018
2:10 am
Jonathan Kawchuk Fast Twitch North (new) Paper Bag 2018
2:13 am
Josh Urist Paragraph L, Section 8 The Cold Equations (new) Yeggs 2018
2:18 am
Julia Holter So Humble the Afternoon mp3 (new) Adult Swim Singles Program 2018
2:23 am
Nabihah Iqbal In Visions Weighing of the Heart (new) Ninja Tune 2017
2:27 am
Negative Gemini You Weren't There Anymore Bad Baby (new) 100% Electronica 2018
2:34 am
Philip Jeck Iklectik Iklectik (new) Touch 2017
2:41 am
Nils Frahm All Melody All Melody (new) Erased Tapes 2018
2:50 am
Pheek Kirribilli Intra Archipel 2017
3:01 am
Ryuichi Sakamoto Life, Life (Andy Stott Remodel) Async Remodels (new) Milan 2017
3:06 am
Gavin Gamboa The Road Ahead Like a Serpent Racing Into Pitch The Velocipedic Age (new) Bandcamp 2018
3:12 am
Sunwatchers Silent Boogie II (new) Trouble in Mind 2018
3:16 am
Bardo Pond Flayed Wish Volume 8 (new) Fire 2018
3:27 am
Andrea Belfi Lead Ore (new) We Are Float 2017
3:30 am
Hollie Cook Angel Fire Vessel of Love (new) Merge 2018
3:34 am
Val G (local) Are You for Sure 7" (new) Vanity Press 2017
3:39 am
Charles Trees (local) Feels 12" (new) Vanity Press 2017
3:45 am
Color Plus Keygen 12" (new) Vanity Press 2017
3:50 am
Expletive Static 12" (new) Vanity Press 2018
3:56 am
Pablo R. Ruiz (local) El Sueno Capitalista Bad Hombre (new) Portage Garage Sounds 2017
4:01 am
CFCF Self Service Self Service (new) Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest 2018
4:07 am
The Field Staircase mp3 (new) Adult Swim Singles Program 2018
4:15 am
Last Japan Squad Luna (new) Coyote 2018
4:17 am
Dabrye feat. DOOM (local) Lil Mufukuz Three/Three (new) Ghostly International 2018
4:20 am
Otik Hunga (Dead Man's Chest Cosmic Grime Remix) 12" (new) DEXT 2018
4:26 am
Cosmin Nicolae Semnal Semnal (new) Opal Tapes 2018
4:31 am
Klaus Schulze Sacred Romance Vanity of Sounds MIG 2000
4:36 am
Sewer Rats B.K. Drunk Dad 7" Ratkrak Records 2016
4:38 am
Second Storey Acute Angles (Machine Woman Remix) Lucid Interpretations (new) Houndstooth 2018
4:43 am
D'Arcangelo Pull Seven Korty (new) Happy Skull 2018
4:47 am
Pascäal (local) Orbs (Glass Mix) No Pain (new) Clave House 2018
4:54 am
Parris Hot-Blooded 2 Vultures (new) The Trilogy Tapes 2017
5:00 am
Five Times Of Dust Computer Bank (The Floor Mix) The Floor Mixes (new) Minimal Wave 2017
5:07 am
Conjoint The Joint Earprints DDS 2000
5:12 am
Pendant BBN-UWZ Make Me Know You Sweet (new) West Mineral Ltd. 2018
5:19 am
Hannu Karjalainen Love is a Black Lion A Handful of Dust Is a Desert (new) Karaoke Kalk 2017
5:24 am
Johnny Jewel Pulsations Digital Rain (new) Italians Do It Better 2018
5:29 am
Shorelights (local) Summer Cottage Soundscapes Summer Cottage Soundscapes (new) echospace [air] 2017
5:34 am
Tangerine Dream Granular Blankets Quantum Gate (new) Kscope 2017
5:38 am
Jeff Synder Sunspots IV c Sunspots (new) Carrier 2018
5:40 am
Suss Laredo Ghost Box (new) E.V.P. Recordings 2018
5:44 am
Joseph Shabason Neil McCauley Aytche (new) Western Vinyl 2017
5:49 am
Jason Van Wyk Eyes Shut Opacity (new) Home Normal 2017
5:55 am
Khruangbin Rules Con Todo El Mundo (new) Dead Oceans 2018