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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, April 21, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:02 am
Miles Davis & John Coltrane On Green Dolphin Street The Final Tour: The Bootleg Series Vol. 6 Columbia/Legacy 1960
2:17 am
Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra Moon Dance Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy Evidence 1963
2:23 am
The Caretaker Childishly Fresh Eyes Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 1 History Always Favours the Winners 2016
2:26 am
The Caretaker Quiet Dusk Coming Early Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 2 History Always Favours the Winners 2017
2:30 am
The Caretaker To The Minimal Great Hidden Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 3 History Always Favours the Winners 2017
2:31 am
The Caretaker Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions (1) Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 4 (new) History Always Favours the Winners 2018
2:40 am
Sam Gendel Trudge Pass If Music (new) Leaving Records 2018
2:43 am
Sarah Bernstein Unearthish Safe Crazy Lights Shining (new) Phase Frame 2018
2:48 am
The National Jazz Trio of Scotland Passing By Standards Vol. IV (new) Karaoke Kalk 2018
2:50 am
Tatira Ten Times Bleach Blood Return (new) Inam Records 2018
2:53 am
Rival Consoles Sun's Abandon Persona (new) Erased Tapes 2018
3:00 am
Rob Clouth Like a Second Sun Transition (new) Mesh 2018
3:05 am
Rob Clouth Silica (Chihei Hatakeyama Remix) Transition Remixes (new) Mesh 2018
3:11 am
Simone Gatto Survival of the Beautiful Heaven Inside Your Frequencies Part 1 (new) Pregnant Void 2017
3:14 am
Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program Quest to Find Anu Stargate Stargate Music (new) Leaving Records 2018
3:17 am
Hanz The Approach Plasty II (new) Tri Angle 2018
3:19 am
Machine Girl うずま ...Because I'm Young Arrogant and Hate Everything You Stand for Orange Milk 2017
3:23 am
Jesusbeams Death Dump E crack (new) Bandcamp 2018
3:25 am
Jesusbeams 1100s8b Exphr (new) Bandcamp 2018
3:30 am
Autechre xflood NTS Session 2 (new) Warp 2018
3:40 am
Suzi Analogue POWERUP Mix One mp3 (new) Never Normal 2018
3:51 am
Machine Girl side B (excerpt) MRK90 Mix Vol. 1 (new) self-released 2018
4:00 am
Object Blue Act Like It Then Do You Plan To End A Siege? (new) Tobago Tracks 2018
4:06 am
Amnesia Scanner feat. Pan Daijing AS Chaos mp3 (new) PAN 2018
4:10 am
Galaxian Life Force Paradise Engineering (new) Return to Disorder 2018
4:17 am
AnD Manchester 12" (new) AnD 2018
4:25 am
Proc Fiskal Who Can't Hear Hello Boss (new) Cosmic Bridge 2018
4:29 am
The Caretaker Take Care. It's A Desert Out There... Take Care. It's A Desert Out There... (new) History Always Favours the Winners 2017
4:36 am
µ-ziq Carpet Muncher Royal Astronomy Astralwerks 1999
4:39 am
µ-ziq Ceiling Challenge Me Foolish Planet Mu 1999
4:42 am
DJ Taye Closer Still Trippin' (new) Hyperdub 2018
4:45 am
Chrome Sparks feat. Angelica Bess (local) What's It Gonna Take Chrome Sparks (new) Counter Records 2018
4:48 am
Daniel Avery Glitter Song for Alpha (new) Mute 2018
4:54 am
Black Dog Productions Flux Deetron: DJ-Kicks !K7 1992
4:57 am
Youandewan Insel 2000 Will Saul: Inside Out 1 (new) Aus Music/!K7 2018
5:00 am
DeepChord (local) Underwater Galaxies Auratones (new) Soma 2017
5:07 am
Jah Thomas Meets Scientist Number One Dub In Rock Dub Clocktower Records 1996
5:10 am
Godflesh Wound Streetcleaner: Live At Roadburn 2011 Avalanche/Roadburn 2011
5:13 am
Silver Dapple Vibration Moody Boots (new) Pink Haze 2018
5:16 am
Gajek Feld '17 Monkeytown 2017
5:19 am
ensemble, et al. Medal Meddle Metal The Slow Reveal Imaginator Records 2017
5:24 am
Shuta Hasunuma & U-zhaan with Ryuichi Sakamoto Lal 2 Tone Commmons 2017
5:26 am
Seth Graham Shi Gasp (new) Orange Milk 2018
5:30 am
Tomoko Sauvage Clepsydra Musique Hydromantique (new) Shelter Press 2017
5:37 am
Tangerine Dream Meteor Light Flux Eastgate 1983
5:43 am
Mind Over Mirrors Vermillion Pink Bellowing Sun (new) Paradise of Bachelors 2018
5:52 am
Goldmund Circle Occasus (new) Western Vinyl 2018
5:55 am
µ-ziq Goodbye, Goodbye Royal Astronomy Astralwerks 1999