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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, May 5, 2018

Show Notes:

Mic break music = Brian Eno: Music For Installations

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Christina Vantzou Some Limited and Waning Memory No. 4 (new) Kranky 2018
2:07 am
Niklas Paschburg Journey Among Worlds Oceanic (new) 7K! 2018
2:12 am
Birds of Passage Haunt My Existence The Death of Our Invention (new) Denovali 2018
2:19 am
Tess Roby Plasticine Hills Beacon (new) Italians Do It Better 2018
2:23 am
Vive La Void Matter Vive La Void (new) Sacred Bones 2018
2:39 am
Benjamin Finger Vagabond Void Scale of Blindness (new) Eilean Rec. 2018
2:45 am
Severed+Said Psychic Incision Incorporeality (new) Not Not Fun 2018
2:50 am
Monoloc & Beauty of Inconsequenz Unterhalb Storyline EP (new) Unterland 2018
2:54 am
Autechre fLh NTS Session 3 (new) Warp 2018
3:02 am
RXM Reality Tiny Slips of Paper Panic Cycle (new) Hausu Mountain 2018
3:06 am
end.user Perfection / Stillness (2 Points Version) Division EP (new) Bandcamp 2018
3:11 am
Venetian Snares X Daniel Lanois Mothors Pressroll P131 Venetian Snares X Daniel Lanois (new) Timesig 2018
3:15 am
µ-ziq Bassbins Challenge Me Foolish Planet Mu 1999
3:19 am
X-Altera (local) Check Out the Bass X-Altera (new) Ghostly International 2018
3:26 am
Jon Hopkins Neon Pattern Drum Singularity (new) Domino 2018
3:33 am
Korma Ondine's Curse Waxworm (new) Majia 2018
3:37 am
Donato Dozzy Mindless Fullness 12" (new) Eerie 2018
3:45 am
Skee Mask 50 Euro to Break Boost Compro (new) Ilan Tape 2018
3:50 am
Ingrate The Enigma single (new) W-I 2018
3:55 am
Significant Other Break the Web Triptan EP (new) SPE:C 2018
4:02 am
Samo DJ Grasshopper untitled tape (new) Cav Empt 2018
4:06 am
DJ Richard In Broad Daylight Dies Iræ Xerox (new) Dial 2018
4:11 am
Grant Capital Road Grant 004 (new) Grant 2018
4:18 am
Jonas Yamer Insgeheim Molten Moods 4 (new) Molten Moods 2018
4:24 am
DJ Koze Seeing Aliens Knock Knock (new) Pampa 2018
4:36 am
Jacques Greene Nordschleife mp3 (new) Adult Swim Singles Program 2018
4:41 am
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Electronic Series Vol 1 : Abstractions Electronic Series Vol 1 : Abstractions (new) Touchtheplants 2018
5:02 am
Merzbow Amadare Guitar Hyakki Echo Dirter Promotions 2017
5:07 am
Hailu Mergia Anchihoye Lene Lala Belu (new) Awesome Tapes From Africa 2018
5:14 am
Pinkshinyultrablast Find Your Saint Miserable Miracles (new) Club AC30/Shelflife 2018
5:17 am
Black Moth Super Rainbow Mr No One Panic Blooms (new) Rad Cult 2018
5:21 am
Mark Applebaum Halliburton Speed Dating (new) Innova 2018
5:34 am
Odd Nosdam w/ Jessica Bailiff Untitled Three (edit) Untitled Three Anticon 2005
5:38 am
Chrome Sparks (local) Wings Chrome Sparks (new) Counter Records 2018
5:44 am
Red Axes Paper Work The Beach Goths Garzen Records 2017
5:49 am
Jun Fukamachi Urban Square Nicole (86 Spring And Summer Collection - Instrumental Images) WRWTFWW 1986
5:54 am
Mind Over Mirrors Pausing to Wonder Bellowing Sun (new) Paradise of Bachelors 2018