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Playlist: Trying Not To Swear

with Rev. BOMB BACK Minister and Administer of Noise on Monday, September 28, 2015

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:02 am
Jason Charles Miller Critical Role Theme
2:03 am
The Bealtes Rocky Racoon The White Album
2:06 am
Felicia Day & Tom Lenk Ode to Carrie Fisher The Flog Ep. 4
2:11 am
Felicia Day Coffee Songs Pts 1 & 2
2:18 am
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Fire S/T
2:22 am
Deep Blue Something Breakfast at Tiffany's Home
2:34 am
C418 Cat Minecraft Soundtrack Vol. 1
2:37 am
Kraftwerk Neon Lights The Man Machine
2:45 am
Annea Lockwood World Rhythms Women in Electronic Music 1977
2:54 am
The Books Mikey Bass Thought For Food
3:00 am
Doctor Who The Destroyer of Delights Part 3 Big Finish Radio
3:28 am
Alice Shields The Transformation of Ani Pioneers of Electronic Music
3:37 am
Laurie Anderson Time to Go Women in Electronic Music 1977
3:39 am
Longmont Nash Potion Castle 4
3:43 am
Evolution Control Comittee Pants Hour of Slack #1537
4:04 am
Evolution Control Comittee I Want a Cookie Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0
4:08 am
Negativland Jolly Green Giant Happy Facts
4:15 am
Glenn Branca Fuck Yourself Songs '77-'79
4:19 am
Pink Anvil Sugarwater Halloween Party
4:25 am
Sergei Kvitko The Dead Travel Fast Dracula
4:36 am
Monty Python Protest Song Live at City Center
4:41 am
Groucho Marx Lydia The Tattooed Lady An Evening with Groucho
4:43 am
Groucho Marx The Laws of My Administration Duck Soup
4:46 am
Lenny Bruce Religous Inc. The Real Lenny Bruce
4:56 am
George Carlin Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television Class Clown
5:04 am
Malcom X The Ballot or Bullet The Ballot or The Bullet
5:10 am
John Hodgman Sling Shot This American Life
5:21 am
Growing Mind Eraser Pumps!
5:33 am
Doctor Who The Destroyer of Delights Part 4 Big Finish Radio