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Playlist: Trying Not To Swear

with Rev. BOMB BACK Minister and Administer of Noise on Monday, November 30, 2015

Show Notes:

The seat of my pants is wearing thin and the top of my head is covered by a winter hat. So I have no idea where this is coming from.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:08 am
Dick Tracy Everything Comes Up Blank (Side One) Audio Action Adventures
2:19 am
Julian Casablanca & The Voids Nintendo Blood Tyranny
2:24 am
Dub Narcotic Sound System Hand Clappin' Hand Clappin' EP
2:34 am
Hinds Davey Crokett Very Best of Hinds So Far
2:36 am
Marianne Nowottny and the Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra Strawberry Fields Forever Tomorrow Never Knows/Strawberry Fields Forvever 7"
2:41 am
Beekeepers (local) Work Related Issues II
2:46 am
The Hussy Brown Eyes Cement Tomb Mind Control
2:49 am
YAK No YAK EP Third Man
2:51 am
Subhumans No The Day The Country Died
2:54 am
Timmy's Organism (local) My Angel Heartless Heathen (new)
2:59 am
Human Eye (local) Outlaw Lone Wolf Into Unknown
3:05 am
Heroes and Villians (local) Solar System/Hurricane Fighter Plane Heroes and Villians II Lo & Behold
3:13 am
Wholfeil/Pierce (local) Foray Locations No. 4 (Lohioh) Lo & Behold
3:28 am
Michael Hurt/Behind The Times (local) Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down Folk Blues Night No. 7: Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down Lo & Behold
3:33 am
Mr. John Roundcity (local) I'm a Bad Bad Man Folk Blues Night No. 1: Give Me No Trouble in This World I Know Lo & Behold
3:37 am
The Potions (local) Seven Black Shapes Seven Black Shapes Lo & Behold
3:46 am
Aloa Input Oh Brother Mars Etc
3:51 am
Electric Six (local) Kids Are Evil Presents... (new)
3:54 am
Longmont Potion Castle Alex Trebek 7
4:05 am
Holger Czukay Ode to Perfume On the Way to the Peak of Normal (new)
4:24 am
Elvis Costello When I Write The Book/Everyday I Write The Book Live on BBC One
4:30 am
Elvis Costello & The Attractions Shipbuilding Punch The Clock
4:36 am
Grant Lee Phillips Buried Treasure Live on KEXP
4:40 am
Trek Nerd Poker Ballad Nerd Poker #153
4:46 am
Blue Snaggletooth (local) Gawkers Beyond Thule
4:50 am
Thou Even In His Youth Whatever Nevermind
4:53 am
GWAR Rock'n'Roll Party Town Hell~o!
4:58 am
Sleaford Mods Black Monday Chubbed Up+
5:01 am
Discount It's The End of The World Ataxia's Alright Tonight
5:04 am
Dead Weather Mile Markers Dodge and Burn Third Man
5:07 am
Gaunt Pollution Fielder's Choice
5:11 am
All Them Witches Talisman Dying Surfer Meets His Maker (new)
5:17 am
Pussy Galore Yu GunG SuGarShit Sharp
5:24 am
Arrington de Dionyso Tak Terbatas (Versi Iblis) Malaikat Dan Singa: Open The Crown
5:36 am
Germs The Other New One (GI)
5:38 am
Bad Noids Roth's Child/Lizard People Everything From Soup to Dessert
5:41 am
Husker Du Divide and Conquer Flip your Wig
5:52 am
Dick Tracy Everything Comes Up Blank (Side Two) Audio Action Adventures