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Playlist: Trying Not To Swear

with Rev. BOMB BACK Minister and Administer of Noise on Monday, December 21, 2015

Show Notes:

Life is a comp on a DIY label in hell.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Murder at Midnight Terror Out of Space Murder at Midnight Tape
2:32 am
Horny Mormons Redneck Woman from Planet Mars Can of Pork
2:33 am
KARP Gauze Stars Kill Rock
2:39 am
Desaparecidos Poppin' Off at The F 50 Saddle Creek
2:42 am
Le Tigre Mediocrity Rules Gimmie Skelter
2:44 am
The Men () Leave Home
2:54 am
Weezer You Won't Get with Me Tonight Gimmie Skelter
2:58 am
Strychnine and The Rat Traps Nursery Rhyme Very Very Special People
3:01 am
Jack Acid Parents Are Really Weird Can of Pork
3:03 am
Fifteen 17 Reasons Can of Pork
3:07 am
The (International) Noise Conspiracy Smash It Up Punkorama #5
3:10 am
Half Japanese US Teens Are Spoiled Bums Gimmie Indie Rock
3:11 am
Refused Refused Are Fucking Dead (EP Version) Punkorama #5
3:17 am
The Feelies Slipping Into Something Gimmie Indie Rock
3:23 am
The 5 Canadians Writing on the Wall Pebbles
3:27 am
The Dirty Wurds Why Pebbles
3:33 am
Miles End Bottle Up and Go Ear Piercing Punk
3:36 am
Buddhist Delite Ironman You're Soaking In It!
3:38 am
Calamity Jane Olympia It's The Water
3:42 am
Sit'N'Spin Goodbye Teenage Zit Rock Angst
3:44 am
Wonder Woman Duckies (Radio Edit) Live on Air: Kaos Theory
3:46 am
Eric's Trip If You Don't Want Me Teenage Zit Rock Angst
3:50 am
Witchypoo Sissy Live on Air: Kaos Theory
3:52 am
Leopolds Negative Space N.O.-Fi
3:55 am
Sandro Brugnolini Marsuino Flipper Psychout
3:59 am
Persuaders Nervous Breakdown #5 N.O.-Fi
4:02 am
The Assholes Hate All The People Late Last Night as I Lay Screaming
4:03 am
Stiff Little Fingers Alternative Ulster Punk You Vol. 1
4:06 am
Black Flag Black Coffee Slip It In
4:10 am
The New Christ No Next Time Detritus
4:13 am
Pixies I'm Amazed Surfer Rosa
4:18 am
Pixies Hey Doolittle
4:21 am
Cockney Rejects The Greatest Cockney Ripoff Punk You Vol. 1
4:24 am
Eric Idle Fuck Christmas
4:35 am
Longstocking Teenage Angst at 27 Fuel: A Compilation
4:47 am
Death Cab for Cutie I Will Possess Your Heart Narrow Stairs
4:48 am
Leonard Cohen Poem Rare on Air Vol. 1
4:48 am
Tori Amos Silent All These Years Rare on Air Vol. 1
4:53 am
Shitty Shitty Band Band Ringo Unsubscribed: Live from The Laundromat
4:56 am
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds God's Hotel Rare on Air Vol. 1
4:59 am
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Song of Joy Murder Ballads
5:07 am
Danny Kroha & The Del Torros Do You Remember What You Did? Daddy Rockin' Strong
5:09 am
Jessica Jones What We'll Admit PDX Pop Now! 2005
5:12 am
Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience Get Out of My World Fuel: A Compilation
5:16 am
The Mountain Goats Jenny All Hail West Texas
5:20 am
Chrome Firebomb Industrial: Music of The Shadows Vol. 3
5:22 am
Sleaford Mods Jolly Fucker
5:35 am
Murder at Midnight The Creeper Murder at Midnight Tape