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Playlist: Trying Not To Swear

with Rev. BOMB BACK Minister and Administer of Noise on Monday, December 28, 2015

Show Notes:

2015 was the year I started acting like an adult. It sucked.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:03 am
Arch Oboler The Ball Lights Out 1945
2:32 am
David Bowie Space Oddity Changes One
2:37 am
David Bowie Rock'n'Roll Suicide Ziggy Stardust
2:40 am
David Bowie Suffragette City Ziggy Stardust
2:46 am
David Bowie Life on Mars? Hunky Dory
2:47 am
Lou Reed Satellite of Love Transformer
2:50 am
Lou Reed Lisa Says S/T
2:56 am
Lou Reed Perfect Day Transformer
3:00 am
LCD Soundsystem New York, I Love You (But You're Bringing Me Down) Sound of Silver
3:06 am
LCD Soundsystem Christmas Will Break Your Heart Single
3:10 am
Billie Holiday Strange Fruit Greatest Hits Vol. 1
3:13 am
Billie Holiday Ain't Nobody' Business Greatest Hits Vol. 1
3:17 am
Patsy Cline Your Cheatin' Heart The Birth of a Star
3:19 am
Benjamin Booker Walkin' After Midnight A.V. Club Undercover Covers
3:27 am
Bright Eyes Saved Up For Rainy Days Home Vol IV
3:30 am
Bright Eyes The Calendar Hung Itself Fevers and Mirrors
3:34 am
Bright Eyes Waste of Paint Lifted or The Story is in The Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground
3:40 am
Bright Eyes Southern State Home Vol IV
3:45 am
Christopher O. Death of Free Radio Acknowledge Third Man
3:45 am
Elliott Smith Condor Avenue Roman Candle
3:48 am
Elliott Smith Miss Misery (Early Version) New Moon
3:51 am
Elliott Smith Somebody That I Used to Know/Junk Bond Trader/Everything Reminds Me of Her/Everything Means Nothing to Me Figure 8
4:03 am
Elliott Smith A Fond Farewell From a Basement on The Hill
4:06 am
Brand New Jesus Christ The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
4:11 am
Brand New Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot Deja Entendu
4:16 am
Michael G. Sunflower Hubcap Acknowledge Third Man
4:18 am
Mighty Moog Ravel: Bolero Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on Moog*But Were Afraid to Ask For
4:31 am
Mary B And You Thought I Was Ugly Acknowledge Third Man
4:39 am
The Last Poets New York, New York Douglas 3
4:42 am
Deborah R. Pizza Acknowledge
4:42 am
Don Howland Little Organ Life is a Nightmare
4:49 am
Mothmen Tardis (Sweep is Dead, Long Live Sweep) Pay Attention! (new)
4:52 am
Girl Band Fucking Butter Holding Hands With Jamie (new)
5:01 am
David S. P. First Will and Word Testament Acknowledge Third Man
5:03 am
Exhaustion Colleague Phased Out 12" (new)
5:06 am
Manatees Witch Croc N My Pockets (new)
5:13 am
Shellac Prayer to God 1000 Hurts
5:16 am
Slackers And I Wonder? The Question
5:19 am
Roar I Can't Handle Change I Can't Handle Change
5:23 am
Roar Hope Recorded at a Record Store
5:27 am
Sleaford Mods Air Conditioning Divide and Exit
5:34 am
Arch Oboler Murder in the Script Department Lights Out 1942