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Playlist: The Seizure Experiment

with rotating host ██████ on Sunday, January 14, 2018

Show Notes:

"To weave misery...
To sleep this night and never reprise
Long since gone, the time I was able to feel
I have the strength to make my death-prayer be real"

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:04 pm
Death Grips Inanimate Sensations The Powers That B Harvest 2015
10:10 pm
Ho99o9 Face Tatt United States of Horror (new) Caroline 2017
10:12 pm
Kaospilot Letter of Condolence S/T Level Plane
10:14 pm
Kid Dynamite Death and Taxes Shorter, Faster, Louder Jade Tree
10:15 pm
Pussy Crush Postcard Tormenting the Emotionally Frail La-Di-Da
10:18 pm
The Deathset Negative Thinking Wordwide Counter 2008
10:20 pm
Man (local) Blue Law Sunday Machine Times Beach 2003
10:21 pm
Dalek The Son of Immigrants Endangered Philosophies (new) Ipecac Recrods 2017
10:27 pm
Psudoku KATASTROFALEjusteringer Deep Space Psudokument (new) Selfmadegod Records 2017
10:32 pm
Converge Arkhipov Claim The Dusk in Us (new) Epitaph 2017
10:34 pm
Nails Friend to All You Will Never Be One of Us Nuclear Blast 2016
10:36 pm
Converge I Can Tell You About Pain The Dusk in Us (new) Epitaph 2017
10:37 pm
Torchbearer Pest Cometh Yersinia Pestis Metal Blade
10:41 pm
Birds In Row The Ace of Fools Cottbus Hate/Life 2011
10:44 pm
Psudoku EDB-doom Deep Space Psudokument (new) Selfmadegod Records 2017
10:45 pm
Psudoku KOSMIQUE_trapp Deep Space Psudokument (new) Selfmadegod Records 2017
10:54 pm
Khold Opera Seria Mork Greavers Kammer Candlelight
10:56 pm
Rosetta (Untitled VI) Quintessential Ephemera Self-Released 2015
11:03 pm
Spotlights Learn to Breathe Seismic (new) Ipecac 2017
11:08 pm
MUMAKIL Death From Above (by request) Flies Will Starve Relapse 2013
11:11 pm
Loss The Joy of All Who Sorrow Horizonless (new) Profound Lore 2017
11:24 pm
envy A Will Remains in the Ashes A Dead Sinking Story Level Plane 2003
11:38 pm
heaven in her arms Forgiveable Drown White Halo (new) Translation Loss 2017
11:43 pm
Scars of Tomorrow The Face of Fear Rope Tied to the Trigger Victory 2004
11:46 pm
Racebannon II Satan's Kickin Yr Dick In Secretly Canadian
11:50 pm
Botch Hutton's Great Heat Engine Is It... Dead?
11:53 pm
Haemorrage We Are the Gore We Are the Gore (new) Relapse 2017
11:58 pm
envy Seasons and Oblivion A Dead Sinking Story Level Plane 2003