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Playlist: Radio Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa / Right on Radio

with rotating host Rodney on Monday, April 16, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:05 pm
sundowns in the midst of my life 45 custom
10:08 pm
the good life feat Bea kelley Country Boy 45 easy prize
10:10 pm
sundown the fool 45 cammeron
10:14 pm
al trace orch. brush those tears from your eyes 45 custom
10:15 pm
Greg allen My downfall 45 lawson
10:21 pm
sundown stay with me 45 quick silver
10:21 pm
The Good Life Feat Bea Kelley complications 45 easy prize
10:30 pm
jerry soyka (local) my lord is no hippie 45 ranger
10:32 pm
johnny dee (local) down to the river 45 ranger
10:34 pm
Lex thomas (local) Live just to see you again 45 ranger
10:38 pm
E.J. and the echos (local) say, your mine 45 ranger 1965
10:41 pm
Glen mahkne (local) Night life 45 ranger
10:43 pm
Red king (local) Gona tie one on 45 Ranger
10:46 pm
CRAIG (local) Forever in bluejeans CRAIG Ranger 1974
10:53 pm
prodigal sons (local) iv got a funny kind of feeling 45 the cascade sound
10:57 pm
A. paul Johnson our special place our special place bag production
11:04 pm
Justin side a Bluejeans and shakespeare custom
11:23 pm
Libengoods gentle sheppard All! Shall know that HE IS GOD!! private
11:28 pm
Doug howell (local) Iv been freed s/t eden 1977
11:29 pm
Kenny Roberts chocolate ice cream cone s/t and his sons kingsburugh
11:47 pm
Rollie Hudson sacred medley on top of the world custom 1981
11:48 pm
Don clay and the pleasant valley boys just a rose will do the feilds have turn brown pathway 1967
11:51 pm
The pruit family (local) prisoner of love as for me and my house we'll serve the lord heritage
11:54 pm
Don Clay and the Pleasant Valley Boys The fields have turn brown The Feilds Have Turn Brown Pathway 1967