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Playlist: Break Your Radio

with The Liz on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:01 pm
Slapback Johnny You've Been Told Hit Me Up Rhythm Bomb Records 2018
10:10 pm
Larkin Grimm Keeping you alive Chasing an illusion
10:13 pm
Nice Nice New cascade Extra wow
10:18 pm
Chromatics The bell A Beautiful Now soundtrack (new)
10:20 pm
Desire Dans mes reves II (new)
10:25 pm
Earth Wind & Fire Sassy lady Electric universe
10:28 pm
Earth Wind & Fire In time Faces
10:32 pm
Makaya McCraven R.F.J. III Highly rare (new)
10:38 pm
Peep Washington's philosophy on cats The joy of being
10:44 pm
Afro Peruvian New Trends Orchestra You took me by surprise Uniting beats (new)
10:49 pm
Hungry March Band Whichawhicha Running through with the sadness (new)
10:53 pm
De Beren Gieren Music for a sea change Dug out skyscrapers (new)
10:56 pm
Rent Romus Past the vale Life's blood ensemble (new)
10:57 pm
The Striped Bananas Ghost world Stone of madness
11:02 pm
Superorganism Everybody wants to be famous Superorganism (new)
11:05 pm
Bela Karoli String of lights Furnished rooms
11:09 pm
Bon Iver 715 22, a million
11:11 pm
Emily June Powers (local) Restless Restless LP (new)
11:14 pm
Lambchop JFK FLOTUS (new)
11:20 pm
Hunter S. Thompson Dr. E.R. Bloomquist Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
11:21 pm
Sarah Bernstein Unearthish Safe Crazy Lights Shining
11:24 pm
Harry Nilsson Mucho Mungo Pussy Cats Produced by John Lennon
11:30 pm
James Pants Gotta get ridda Rick Baron Zen At the Mall - The Remixes
11:32 pm
The Homosexuals Collapsible you Astral glamour
11:35 pm
Josh Urist Gerry's escape The cold equations (the soundtrack to a movie that does not exist) (new)
11:53 pm
Prince Pop Life Around the World in a Day
11:54 pm
Henry Flynt I Was A Creep Nova Billy
11:55 pm
Cristian Vogel La Isla Piscola Rescate 137
11:56 pm
Jlin Enigma Black Origami Planet Mu 2017
11:59 pm
Scientist No Dub Island Dub in the Roots Tradition