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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, May 19, 2018

Show Notes:

Won't be in at this timeslot next weekend because of Trip Metal Fest/Movement!
Mic break music = Steven Halpern: Sleep Soundly Vol. 2

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:02 am
Gas Rausch 3 Rausch (new) Kompakt 2018
2:15 am
Autechre gonk steady one NTS Session 1 (new) Warp 2018
2:45 am
Argiflex Jenkem Baby Doom Mix Vol. II (new) Doom Trip 2018
2:50 am
Quicksails The Bright (Khaki Blazer Remix) The Bright (new) Hausu Mountain 2018
2:55 am
Phoxii Freeque (Modo Difícil) Life Eating Death Feeding (new) Fukdup 2018
3:00 am
Skee Mask Soundboy Ext. Compro (new) Ilan Tape 2018
3:03 am
Venetian Snares & Daniel Lanois Night and Hpshk (live) mp3 (new) The Wire 2018
3:24 am
Lucrecia Dalt Atmosperes Touch Anticlines (new) Rvng Intl. 2018
3:28 am
Landing Secret Bells In New Towns (new) El Paraiso 2018
3:33 am
Mary Lattimore Hello from the Edge of the Earth Hundreds of Days (new) Ghostly International 2018
3:36 am
Cool Maritime Climbing Up (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith remix) Shared Waves (new) Leaving Records 2018
3:41 am
Simian Mobile Disco w/ Deep Throat Choir Gilders Murmurations (new) Wichita 2018
3:45 am
Opus III It's a Fine Day Mind Fruit East West 1992
3:50 am
White Town Your Woman Women In Technology Chrysalis 1997
3:54 am
New Radicals You Get What You Give Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too MCA 1998
4:00 am
Von Hayes Museum You Vape? (new) self-released 2018
4:03 am
Silver Dapple Valley Moody Boots (new) Pink Haze 2018
4:05 am
Sediment Club Stucco Thieves Stucco Thieves (new) Wharf Cat Records 2018
4:07 am
Esplendor Geométrico Horno Fundidor Interferencias Vol. 2: Spanish Synth Wave 1980-1989 Munster Records 1980
4:10 am
Chevel Always Yours Data Recovery (new) Different Circles 2018
4:14 am
Köster Club 1 MASC Crash Symbols 2017
4:20 am
Szare Kodiak 12" (new) Different Circles 2018
4:35 am
Justin Berkovi Nadir Mondrian Trapez 2012
4:40 am
MGUN (local) K Art W Heel Axiom (new) Don't Be Afraid 2018
4:45 am
Peder Mannerfelt Shining Beacons Of Light The Screws That Hold The World Together (new) LazyTapes 2018
4:50 am
Batu Flash React Rebuilt (new) XL 2018
4:54 am
VORONOI V25 (Jesse Osborne-Lanthier Re-Work) Vis-Viva (new) OOH-sounds 2018
5:01 am
Dialtone Sentimental split tape w/ yu//F self-released 2017
5:10 am
Universal Eyes (local) Artificial Society #7 Artificial Society (new) American Tapes 2018
5:17 am
Henry Threadgill 14 or 15 Kestra: Agg Dirt Part III Dirt... And More Dirt (new) Pi Recordings 2018
5:21 am
The Body Off Script I Have Fought Against It, but I Can't Any Longer. (new) Thrill Jockey 2018
5:26 am
Vive La Void Smoke Vive La Void (new) Sacred Bones 2018
5:39 am
Joey Molinaro Infinite Midnight Suite Live in Sweden (new) Gold Bolus 2018
5:44 am
Black Moth Super Rainbow Panic Blooms Panic Blooms (new) Rad Cult 2018
5:48 am
DJ Koze Baby (How Much I LFO You) Knock Knock (new) Pampa 2018
5:53 am
Jon Hopkins C O S M Singularity (new) Domino 2018